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The library at Alexandria, Egypt

When I visited Egypt four years ago, I expected frustration and annoyance. I supposed I’d be hustled by street urchins and harassed by touts. I thought it’d be a junior India of sorts. I was wrong.

Granted, you’ll get annoyed if you follow every seemingly friendly Mohammed to his cousin’s souvenir shop. But if you travel smart and keep a positive and light-hearted attitude, you’ll love Egypt. Just like I did.

It wasn’t Pharaonic Egypt that I fell in love with (but maybe it would have been if I made it to the Valley of the Kings or Abu Simbel) but modern Arab Egypt. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even make it to the Egyptian museum. So what exactly was I doing in Egypt for almost a month?

I spent time relaxing on the shore of the salty Red Sea in the Sinai, crossed the broad expanse of the Nile delta, peered across the Suez Canal, ambled along the Corniche in Alexandria, journeyed out to the Siwa Oasis, and waited out Ramadan in Cairo.

I tried to assemble some of my favorite photos from my time in Egypt, part of a longer 6-month overland Middle East trip, from Istanbul to Cairo. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the nighttime bustle of Cairo’s Islamic quarter or the near vacant streets that daylight hours of the Muslim holy month witnessed. Photos couldn’t recreate the innate hospitality I experienced one evening while walking through a Cairo neighborhood as fast was broken.

Hopefully, I have given you a sense of the raw beauty of the Sinai, the peculiarity of the Siwa Oasis, a glimpse of the famed Suez canal, a peek at one of the ancient wonders of the world, and the vast emptiness that is the Sahara Desert.


sanai sunset

Soft Beach at Tarabin, Sinai

soft beach sinai

The beach in Tarabin, Sinai

the beach at Tarabin Sinai

Soft Beach, Sinai

sunrise from Mount Sinai

Sunrise from Mt Sinai

sunrise from Mt Sinai

Burning Bush

The Burning Bush, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai

Pyramids at Giza

The Pyramids at Giza


the Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza

Stephen at the Giza Pyramids

Stephen at the Pyramids

Camel and Cairo

Resting with camel, near the pyramids of Giza


Tourist Police at the pyramids

The tourist police at the pyramids

Cairo square at night


Corniche of Alexandria

Alexandria’s Corniche

the Suez Canal at Said

The Suez Canal at Port Said

desert tire tracks outside Siwa Oasis

Tire tracks in the desert near the Siwa Oasis

tire tracks and setting sun near Siwa

sunset near Siwa

Sands dunes near the Siwa Oasis

mud brick buildings of Siwa Oasis

Mud brick buildings in the Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

sail boats in the Nile delta

Sailboat in the Nile Delta

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  1. Desert is such a mysterious place. One of the fascination form my former work was building something in the desert, and the possibilities of me living there. We all know it didn’t happen, so I have to make the opportunity on my own!
    Splendid photos of desert.

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