Photo of the Week: Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is one stop you’ll want to make on your walk around the city. First, a little about the setting. The market is located in and around the five main pavilions which were constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangars. It was finished in 1930 incorporating Neoclassicism and Art Deco styles and remains Europe’s largest market.

You can find everything from fruits and vegetables, to tourist souvenirs, to meats and dried fish. And of course, in the summer, berries and mushrooms. We’ve found through our travels in Finland, Estonia, and now Latvia, that mushroom and berry hunting is an important pastime once the snow melts, temperatures rise, and daylight extends.

Latvians are great fish and meat eaters, and do wonders with dairy products. We spotted smoked cheese, soft cheese, yogurts, many from boutique farms. Fish come in all varieties: dried, smoked, fresh, as well as fish products like eggs. For the first time in my travels I saw the fish eggs smoked in their original pouch.

And best of all, the prices are very competitive compared to the supermarkets.

Text and Photos by Stephen Bugno

Thanks so much to Riga Tourism and their awesome Live Riga campaign.

Below are more photos from Riga Central Market:

blueberries for sale in Riga

cheese in riga

smoked cheese for sale in Riga

hebs for sale in Riga

fish for sale at Riga market

fish Riga

fish for sale in Riga

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