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Photo of the Week: Sri Lanka Elephant in the Wild

elephant in Habarana Eco Park (7.1)


Elephants have been entwined into Sri Lankan culture for centuries. They are revered, they have been used in religious processions and have been used as work animals. It was once a capital offence to kill an elephant.

Elephants can still be seen in the wild in Sri Lanka. There is a system of national parks and reservations that give these largest of land mammals the space they need to roam and the some 100-150 kg of daily vegetation they require as food. Most of it comes in the form of grasses.

This elephant was spotted in Habarana Eco Park, located very close to the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks where many elephants can be seen depending on the season of the year. The lone elephants are generally bulls (males).

Click through to see photos of elephants in the Vesak Day religious procession.


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