Photo of the Week: Beautiful Bantayan Island Coastline



Bantayan Island in the Philippines is not the type of place that’s overrun with tourists. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


Bantayan’s southeast-facing beaches are crowded with fishing boats resting on the beach, children playing in the ocean, men repairing fishing nets, and dogs just lying around. When the tide goes out, starfish emerge, clams dig in to the sand, and a whole host of different-sized shellfish fight for survival.


There are a few low-key resorts and guesthouses here and travelers who make it to Bantayan are rewarded with beautiful clear-blue waters, nice swimming opportunities, plenty of local life, and a very chilled-out beach scene free of touts. It’s a wonderful place to just relax after traversing around the Philippine archipelago.


For another nearby destination with excellent beaches, try Malapascua Island, which is also known as a diving center.


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