Exploring the island of Cyprus

For many, a holiday is first and foremost a way of getting out and about in the great outdoors. There’s no fun in jetting off only to sit in your hotel room all day, and outdoor activities are by far the most enjoyable way to really get to see the country you’re visiting. In Cyprus, you’ll find the perfect conditions to enjoy all sorts of adventures – take a look at these suggestions to make your holiday as active as possible.

Hiking in the Troodos Mountains

If you’re in the mood for some hiking, there are few better places in Cyprus, or even in Europe, than the picturesque Troodos mountain range. Located right in the center of the island, the vantage point from the 2,000 ft peak of Mount Olympus, the highest point in Cyprus, is absolutely breathtaking, although chances are you’ll already be fairly short of breath after that climb! The summit enjoys by far the best views of the whole island, and you can choose between four different hiking trails around the mountain range. You can even see for yourself the geological formation of the mountains, with the rocky remains of the volcanic lava that formed the island still scattered along the pathways.


The trusty bicycle was the transport of choice for Cypriots until as recently as the 1970s, and the island is still a paradise for cyclists. Its compact size is the main draw for two-wheel enthusiasts, as it packs multiple changes of terrain into even a short ride, while the consistent good weather and lack of headwinds provide an ideal environment. The country’s tourist board has even produced a booklet, detailing the best cycling routes for a range of skill levels. With cycle rental shops located across the country, there’s no excuse for not hopping on to explore the parts of rural Cyprus you’d only ever zoom past in a car.


Golf has taken off in a big way in Cyprus over the last few years, and if you’re looking to work on your putting skills, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here. The Paphos region of the island boasts three 18-hole international standard courses, peacefully located away from major tourist spots but still easily accessible by car or public transport. Amateur tournaments are held throughout the year if you’re looking for an extra challenge, although the weather and top-notch facilities make it tempting to indulge in a few leisurely practise rounds without any competitive pressure instead.


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