yangon river sunset

Photo of the Week: Yangon River Sunset

Yangon River Sunset

We were taking shelter through the hottest part of the day inside our budget hotel room. Not the way I like to spend my precious time in Myanmar (Burma), but sometimes a necessity on the cloudless days. We were in Yangon and the timeout also provided some respite from the noise, traffic, and general bustle outside on the streets.


In the late afternoon, my travel partner suggested we head down to the docks at the Yangon River. Here you can take boats across to Dala. But we came with our cameras, hoping to catch one of those orange and red southeast Asian sunsets.


We ended up being more entranced by the activity on the water: the cross-river rush-hour commute home. Loading as many people as possible onto the narrow vessels, people carrying packages as well. Bigger ferry boats were also docked, soon making their way upstream to cities in the interior of the country.


We just stood on an old trestle bridge and watched all the action from above.

Once the sun set over the river, we headed back onto the streets, now cooler, but even more alive with sidewalks jam-packed with food and clothing vendors and market stalls.


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