bilad sayt oman

Bilad Sayt Oman: Spectacular Mountain Village

Bilad Sayt is considered to be Oman’s most picturesque mountain village. Dramatic, craggy mountains rise up behind the small village as multi-shade cultivated terraces spread out below. The spectacular location, not surprisingly, requires a 4×4 to arrive. Negotiating the unfinished gravel roads with steep drop offs is not for the faint of heart. The panoramic beauty of the village can best be captured from afar on the drive into the village. A walk around Bilad Sayt Oman will reveal the details of the people and their life here, secluded from the rest of the Sultanate.

Combine a visit to Bilad Sayt Oman with one of the Sultanate’s most spectacular drives, the mountainous Wadi Bani Awf or to the living museum of Al Hamra.

This post was part of our #OmanInFocus photography trip. Read Why I Went to Oman

Bilad Sayt Oman

bilad sayt oman

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