St. Mark's Square Zagreb

Photo of the Week: St. Mark’s Square Zagreb

Photo of the Week: St. Mark’s Square Zagreb

When I walked up into Zagreb’s Upper town, there was hardly a soul around. I turned the corner into St Mark’s Square Zagreb and this was my view. You can’t miss the colorful tile work of St. Mark’s church. The church itself dates from perhaps as late as the 13th century, with its mostly Late Gothic and Romanesque features, but the medieval coat of arm and emblem of Zagreb on the roof were added in 1880. St. Mark’s is the parish church of Old Zagreb.

St. Mark’s Square is also home to many important government buildings: the seat of the country’s government, the parliament, and the constitutional court. The Old City Hall is also located on the square.

This part of the Upper town is quiet and mostly used for official purposes. The Lower town is where Zagreb socializes, relaxes, studies, parties, eats, and drinks. It’s laid out in a horseshoe shape around the Upper town. There’s always a lot of action here, and it’s mostly local. For the millions of tourists that come to Croatia each year, most of them miss Zagreb and head straight to the coast. I found the city of almost a million residents quite agreeable.


Have you been to Zagreb? What did you think of the city?

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