Photo of the Week: The Pyramids at Giza

kid and camel at the pyramids of giza

Photo of the Week: The Pyramids at Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are One Of Those Places. Everybody knows them, recognizes them, and all but the most jaded of anti-tourism travelers is sure to visit them given the opportunity. For many, the experience of visiting the Giza Pyramids will be one of equal parts marveling at the size of the constructions themselves and annoyance at the constant and persistent touts that frequent the area. Like in much of Egypt, economic activity in Giza has long been reliant on tourism dollars and with dwindling numbers of travelers visiting over the past few years competition has grown as more vendors fight for the business of fewer customers. Camel rides, guides to forced perspective photos of the Sphinx, and any number of trinkets to take home as souvenirs.

pyramids and camel rider

With just a little bit of effort, however, it isn’t hard to get away from the hassles of the Pyramids for a few moments of peaceful study of these ancient monuments to power and wealth. The easiest way to do this is walk/hitch/ride up the long road into the desert that stops at an overlook with the standard Panorama moment of all three Pyramids and Cairo in the backgrounds. More accessible and less accessed, however, is an elevated plateau beyond a small cemetery that sits just past the Sphinx.

pyramids and cemetery

Removed from the crowds of tourists and touts, with an amazing view out over the World Heritage Site and cities of Giza and Cairo, and beset by a certain quiet that actually brings a bit of mystique to the place that even a jaded-heart vagabond might appreciate. (Plus, if you’re looking to really be budget, this would probably be a good spot to sneak a look at the nightly Sound and Light Show without having to pay.)

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