kecskemet market

Photo of the Week: Kecskemet Morning Market

kecskemet market


On Sunday morning things get going early at Kecskemet’s market. It was already winding down by the time I arrived at 10:30am. Considering it was mid-February, there was a decent amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. There were plenty of pickled vegetables for sale and of course fish, fresh meats, and cured meats. Cured meats make use of paprika heavily for flavoring which in turn color it red. There was a healthy supply of local nuts from one vendor and some baked goods on display that also looked good. Peppers of all kinds are a main ingredient in many Hungarian dishes and there were still quite a few at the market.

I seemed to be the only foreigner there. Winter isn’t a big travel time and Kecskemet isn’t a very popular destination. Even though there are a few museums, several old churches, and some excellent examples of architecture, more than once I asked myself “Why did I come here?”

But my overall experience in the small city was good. The people I met were quite friendly and my trip to the market sealed a successful visit for me.

Kecskemet is only an hour southeast of Budapest by rail.


Kecskemet Morning Market
Pickled vegetables are popular in Hungary. It helps them last through the winter.


Hungarian sausage is world-renowned.


Hungarian retes, or strudel, can be filled with any number of ingredients.


Kecskemet Morning Market
Nuts are great for travelers–easy to carry for long voyages.


Kecskemet Morning Market
Few foods are so important to a national identity as the pepper is to Hungary.


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