Malecon Havana

Photo of the Week: The Malecon of Havana

Photo of the Week: The Malecon Havana

There is no place in Havana that displays the Cuban soul or beats to its rhythm more so than the Malecon. This esplanade stretches from the historical center of Old Havana to the residential area of Verdado. Walking along it is like a study of Cuban history in architecture; dilapidated colonial structures in desperate need of repair, bland Russian-style apartments, modern hotels, etc.

It is also the center of social life for the Habaneros. When the heat of the day wanes and the sun begins to set over the horizon, many locals will come to the Malecon. Lovers sit glued to each other whispering sweet words of romance. Family and friends band together in groups, chatting and laughing without a care in the world. Fishermen cast their line in hope for a good catch. And the occasional camera-toting tourists deciding if they should capture the scenes with their cameras or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Music floats constantly in the air from the countless musicians that ply the length of the Malecon.


Malecon Havana


It gets livelier after the sunset when people start to throng here after dinner to enjoy the evening breeze and to chat with friends. It is not uncommon to still see a large number of people at 3am; with small children sleeping in the laps of their parents. In this socialist country the Malecon is both a public and private space.


Malecon Havana

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  1. Beautifully said. Although the Malecon doesn’t look that “attractive” your writing and descriptions have captured my imagination and created food for future thought.

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