Carpathian mountains of Ukraine

The Bucolic Beauty of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

One of the least visited regions, the Carpathians Mountains of Ukraine is an extraordinary corner of old Europe. Although domestic tourism has developed, international tourists, with the exception of a few neighboring countries, have yet to discover this mountainous bucolic region.

Old traditions die hard here: men work the fields with sickles and scythes, old women draw their water from wells, and horse-drawn carts are a common means of transport. Each house has chickens or geese in the yard and flowers add more color to the already colorful houses. Every village has a church and many still have centuries-old wooden churches still in use.

Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Most visitors enter the Carpathians from nearby Ivano-Frankivsk. Yaremche, Vorokhta, Tatariv, and Yasinya are some popular villages to stay in while exploring the region.

I spent my time hiking in the mountains and through the villages. But you could very well spend your days walking on the hills on either side of Yasinya, which I also did one morning. If you like witnessing life in the countryside, you’ll like Yasinya. These pictures come from around that area.

Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

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