5 Breathtaking Ways to Explore the Grand Canyon

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With its scenic panoramic views, it’s the immense size and rugged landscape, the Grand Canyon should be on every traveler’s Bucket List. This wonder of the world has been drawing millions of visitors each year to witness the grandeur of the southwestern part of the U.S.

Adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have come to the Grand Canyon for decades to take part in endless activities including rafting, fishing, hiking and unparalleled camping. Families learn about the specific geology of the area and the striking wildlife that dots the canyons and plateaus.

Many tourists simply arrive at one of the rim sites and take a look over the vast canyon. However, there are many more unique and breathtaking ways to experience the Grand Canyon. Start planning your road trip by updating your Allstate car insurance, packing your hiking gear and hitting the road to explore the Grand Canyon.

Visit in Winter

Most of the 5 million visitors to the Grand Canyon take in the views during the high season between May and October. But, one of the most unique ways to see the canyon is to visit in the winter. 

There aren’t as many amenities available to visitors during the off-season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a once in a lifetime experience. The rugged and dry landscape of the canyons can be suddenly transformed into an alien-looking winter wonderland. A great way to see a different side to the Grand Canyon and avoid the crowds is to visit in the winter.

Mule Trips

Many visitors to the Grand Canyon don’t take the risk of exploring more than a limited part of the rim. Hiking down into the canyon takes courage and skill if you aren’t experienced. If you want to get a different perspective of the canyon and see it from the floor of the massive walls, you can take a guided mule tour. 

Let these robust and well-trained animals do most of the hard work for you while you wonder at the sights as you sink deeper into the canyon. You can book a single or multiple day mule trip with overnight camping on the canyon floor.

Drive the Rim

The Grand Canyon has many faces to offer glorious views to visitors. If you aren’t satisfied with the singular perspectives of either the North or South rim, why not take a short road trip and travel the full rim? There are dozens of trails and roads that will take you on a spectacular journey that you will never forget. Limited access makes it impossible to drive the entire rim, but there are roads and trails that follow over 200 miles around the canyon.

Star Gazing

One of the most spectacular and wondrous sights that the Grand Canyon offers takes place at night. The lack of any large cities in the area gives you the best chance to see the western stars with no ambient light interference. 

Photographers and stargazers love the chance to see the milky way and constellations that are usually hidden from sight. Set up your tent or rent a room at one of the lodges to take in the beautiful celestial show at the Grand Canyon after dark.


There is so much more to discover in the Grand Canyon once you step off the rim. Take a journey along the Colorado river in a raft and live the adventure from the bottom of the canyon. You can reserve a trip just for the day or set out on a multi-day adventure that will take you through some of the most remote parts of the canyons and some exciting rapids.

If you love adventure and experiencing the beauty of the natural world, take one of these unique journeys that will help you see the lesser known aspects of the Grand Canyon.

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