What to Do with Your Pets While Traveling

What to Do with Your Pets While Traveling

Although most people love the idea of travel, unfortunately, our plans often mean we have to figure out where our furry friends will be while we’re gone.  We want them to be comfortable, but we also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  Here are the top options!  Consider each one carefully before finding what’s best for your pet.

Leave Them With A Loved One

The best option, and by far the most popular, is to leave your pet somewhere that you know you can trust they’ll be cared for.  This means giving them the chance to stay with someone they know, which will lower their stress levels and allow you to relax, knowing they’re safe.  There is a limit on how far you can take this without making someone’s home into your kennel.

If you have more than two dogs or cats or have full aquariums of pets, you may consider asking that family member or friends to house sit for you instead.  This will allow your pets to stay put but will put the person in action instead.

Hire A Sitter To Pop In

Find a pet sitter you can trust with your keys which will happily pop in every day or so to care for your animals!  The average cost is $20 an hour, and that can be multiplied depending on how many pets you have, how long you’re gone, and how much hands-on attention they need.  This can add up very quickly, but it allows your pets to stay home.

Unfortunately, this can also be a stressful option for animals with separation anxiety because being at home will help them notice how you’re not home.  If you’re gone looking at Calgary homes for sale, you don’t want your pup tearing up your Toronto residence because he misses you.  

Leaving Them At A Boarding Kennel

This option has fallen out of favor in recent years, but not all kennels are just animals in cages!  Many modern kennels work hard to get animals out and about as often as possible, minimizing the amount of time they spend alone.  If you shop around for a good kennel, you may find some that do daily photo updates or others that allow you to video call your animal if you want that service.

For nervous dogs, this can be rough, but most of these kennels are thoroughly trained in easing anxiety in pets and can work hard to ensure your dog is in its happiest mood.  

Traveling With Them

This option is the least feasible, yet many people still decide it’s the best one for them.  If you have a pet that likes to travel, and you don’t mind the extra money for a ticket for the animal, then it’s a great idea to take them with you!  Allowing them to stay at your side is great for anxious pets while also ensuring you can keep up with their daily schedule and not have to be apart from them.

Unfortunately, air travel can be harsh on many animals, and it’s not advised that you allow your dog to travel under the deck on a plane unless necessary.  This can be an acceptable option for a small dog that can fit in a carrier in the cabin with you.

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