A Students Guide to Cologne, Germany

A Students Guide to Cologne, Germany

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, with around a million inhabitants. It has a unique and colorful atmosphere, and it is a hotspot for many social and cultural trends. In addition, Cologne is an extremely popular destination for international students primarily due to the range of university choices, affordable living options and the atmosphere. 

Why Choose Cologne to Study in?

The city boasts many international inhabitants making it exceptionally diverse. However, despite its large population, many people like Cologne because it is reminiscent of village living. Students get to experience the best of both worlds; they have the city’s vibrance with the feel of country living. It is easily accessible many people commute by foot or bike although there are excellent transport links too. 

The Universities

German universities are known for their academic expertise and quality education; universities in Cologne are no exception. The University of Cologne is one of the oldest in Europe and one of the largest in Germany. It has an excellent reputation and works to prepare students for their future careers early on. 

The German Sport University Cologne was founded in the 1940s, and it is the only university in Germany with a specific focus on sport and exercise. The activities of the university aim to aid in the expansion of sports science and its real-world applications. 

Cologne University of Applied Sciences, established in the 1970s, pushes toward cultural and technological breakthroughs. It aims to produce students and work that looks at solving social challenges. There are many fields of study available and different modes too. 

Köln University of Applied Sciences offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in several fields. They place emphasis on theoretical practice and practical experience. Students benefit from small semester groups, and they are also provided with the necessary skills they need to succeed in the job market.

Cost of Living

Germany has an exceptionally affordable cost of living which is in compliance with the EU average. Some of the universities above have accommodation options, but these can be pricier than simply renting a room in Cologne independently. You can rent a room for or as little as 350 EUR/month, which is exceptionally affordable, especially for students. Some properties also come with bills included, meaning that you do not have to worry about setting up utility bills while studying abroad. 

The cost of other amenities is similarly affordable. For example, a ticket to the cinema costs around 10 EUR while a gym membership runs around 40 EUR a month. A meal out can cost between 10 and 30 EUR depending on the fanciness of the restaurant. Buying groceries is also cheap as the average cost of a loaf of bread is 1 euro. 

In Conclusion

Some people think that studying abroad is unattainable because they consider it an expensive experience, although this is not the case. Studying in Cologne is a great option; the education in Germany is world-renowned and of an exceptional standard, whilst the cost of living is insanely affordable for people of all backgrounds.  

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