Moving To Amsterdam? 4 Things To Consider Before Relocating

Four Things To Consider Before Moving To Amsterdam

Are you looking to move abroad? Has Amsterdam been at the top of your list? You are not alone. In the past five years, an annual average of 11,000 people has moved to the iconic city.

The beautiful canals, electric nightlife, winding streets, and unique architecture are just some of the qualities of the city. Living in the Dutch capital is surprisingly affordable. It is also another reason why many are choosing to start the next chapter of their life there.

Before relocating to the capital, these are a few things worth considering beforehand.

Sort Documents And Permits

When registering to live in Amsterdam, it does requires official proof of identity. It could be your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or any other legal document that you might have. All original documents will need to be officially authenticated. It is easier and quicker if you arrange authentication before moving.

Finding Yourself Accommodation

Across Amsterdam, there is a selection of accommodation options available. Before you begin your search, research the various neighborhoods across Amsterdam. Look for characteristics that fit your requirements, whether you want to be near a particular area or one that has good access to transport.

If you want to be in a house with others, you can find properties that allow you to rent a room. For most of the properties, some bills are included in the monthly rent cost. 

Alternatively, if you prefer your own space, you can choose from the many studio apartments for rent in Amsterdam. Similar to the house shares, some bills are factored into your monthly rent.

Start Learning The Language

For some, learning Dutch can be tricky. Many people in Amsterdam can communicate in English. However, making the effort to learn the language can help you settle in quicker. 

You can download free mobile apps to help you practice learning words and grammar, look for a local language class or purchase a language-learning package.

If you are not fully fluent when you move, knowing a bit of the language will be more helpful compared to not understanding it.

Taking Your Pet

If you want to relocate with your beloved pet, the good news is that it is not an issue. However, the process that needs completing before your move is going to take a bit of time. 

The process of moving your pet to Amsterdam can take between 6 to 12 months of preparation. As such, you must begin the process as early as possible to avoid delays or disappointment. Your pet must meet all of the current vaccination standards required in the Netherlands. They must also have a valid pet passport.

If you are moving with your dog, cat, or ferret, they must have an identity chip under their skin. When traveling a long distance to Amsterdam, you want to ensure that your pet has a comfortable and safe journey. To help ensure this, it is worth contacting a pet relocation specialist to arrange transport.

Whenever you plan your move to start a new journey in Amsterdam, it could open the door to endless possibilities. The city is brimming with opportunities that cater to all. Whether you want a peaceful bike ride through a park or an evening out with friends, the options are there.

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