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A Students Guide to Cologne, Germany

A Students Guide to Cologne, Germany Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, with around a million inhabitants. It has a unique and colorful atmosphere, and it is a hotspot for many social and cultural trends. In addition, Cologne is an extremely popular destination for international students primarily due to the range of university choices, affordable living options and the atmosphere.  Why Choose Cologne to Study in? The city boasts many international inhabitants making it exceptionally diverse. However, despite its large population, many people like Cologne because it is reminiscent of village living. Students get to experience the best of both worlds; they have the city’s vibrance with the feel of country living. It is easily accessible many people commute by foot or bike although there are excellent transport links too.  The Universities German universities are known for their academic expertise and quality education; universities in Cologne are no exception. The University of Cologne is one of the oldest in Europe and one of the largest in Germany. It has an excellent reputation and works to prepare students for their future careers early on.  The German Sport University Cologne was founded in the 1940s, and it is the only university in Germany with a specific focus on sport and exercise. The activities of the university aim to aid in the expansion of sports science and its real-world applications. ...

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Cruise Tips For Post-Pandemic Seagoers

Cruise Tips For Post-Pandemic Seagoers Being locked inside our homes over the last year has been tough on everyone. So, it’s only right that you should be excited to enjoy a holiday once we are out of this pandemic. A great first holiday to get involved with, are cruises. Cruise ships offer all the comforts of holiday resorts but with the added bonus that you get to travel at the same time. You can be laying by the pool as you sail to Spain. So let’s consider some tips before you board after the pandemic is over. What Cruising Will Look Like Whether you’ve been cruising before or not, it’s likely that you’ll need to brush up on the cruising lifestyle. It may just be lightly different to how we used to cruise. For example, it’s very likely that the ships themselves will be much cleaner than before. Not that they weren’t before, you’d do well to find a cruise ship poorly maintained, but with extra COVID-19 regulations in place, there will be extra demands by staff to clean and keep to the new regulations. On a similar note, it’s likely that there will be less crowds both on the ship and at inner-port destinations. Due to people being worried about going on holiday and also social distancing rules that will probably remain post-pandemic, for a while. There will...

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Best THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA Australia, a land of natural and human-made wonders, attracts tourists from all over the world to buy plane tickets and book air tickets to Austria. Australia is a great continent in this land. Many tourists come to Australia every year to spend a precious vacation in this great country. Australia is a country with many exotic attractions and entertainment. You will have a great time here. Nature lovers will be delighted with the picturesque views of the country. The clubs, bars, beaches, nightlife, and exotic beaches will surely draw you in, and have plenty to do. Read on Best THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA Sunbathe on Bondi Beach Bondi Beach, Australia, is one of the popular beaches in Australia. Located seven kilometers east of Sydney, Bondi Beach is replete with surf curbs, sunbathing and adventurous sailors of all ages. It gets its name from the aboriginal word “Bondi”, which means “the sound of water breaking on rocks,” reflecting its meaning even in the olden days. In addition to occasional shark excursions, the beach features stunning sunset views and excellent leisure facilities. Listen to Live Opera When you are in Australia and especially Sydney, you can’t stop listening to Opera live; and there is no better place than the iconic Sydney Opera House to immerse yourself in this unique experience! The impeccably talented singers...

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How to Spend Your First Trip to Florida

How to Spend Your First Trip to Florida Florida is a very popular destination for holidaymakers. People from all over the world make the trip year after year to visit the stunning sands of this state and to explore deeper into all the great things to do, see, and eat.  If it’s your first trip to Florida, however, it can feel a bit daunting. Don’t get sucked in by the nightlife at Miami or the beaches at Palm Beach because while they are great places to go, you will want to diversify your trip so that you can get a complete and epic experience of Florida.  Book Yourself a Villa  Florida is the equivalent of the Mediterranean coast to North Americans and has many stunning and modernized features a European might be familiar with. One such feature is the villas. By renting out villas in Florida, you can enjoy a luxurious experience like no other and have a great home base that you can make many day trips from.  Top Activities in Florida  Florida has a lot to do, which is why you need to venture away from the beaches and head inland to explore these top areas and enjoy a great day out:  Theme Parks   North America has theme parks that are unrivaled around the world. Florida alone is home to two of the most famous in the...

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Scottsdale Arizona is a Wonderful Vacation Destination

Scottsdale Arizona is a Wonderful Vacation Destination Scottsdale, Arizona is a gorgeous vacation destination. It’s the place to go for interesting historical sites, unique cultural institutions, and stunning vistas. Visit Scottsdale when you want to participate in fun activities, enjoy tasty cuisine, or take a scenic hike. Visit the Western Spirit The Western Spirit is known as “Scottsdale’s Museum of the West” and it is an affiliate of the Smithsonian. It hosts several thoughtful exhibits throughout the year. At the museum, you’ll have the chance to learn about the American West through sculptures, photographs and paintings. While there, you can see artifacts like Meriwether Lewis’s tomahawk in addition to other unique western collections. Arizona Luxury Resorts Vacationing in Scottsdale means that you can stay at one of Arizona’s luxury resorts, places like the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. With its natural décor of flowering cactus and onsite spa, the Hyatt offers accommodations designed to pamper you. There is also a Four Seasons in Scottsdale. If you decide to stay there, you’ll be comfy and cozy as every room has a fireplace and balcony. OdySea The OdySea aquarium has something like 30,000 different sea creatures, making it the largest aquarium in the Southwest. As you wander through it, you’ll stroll past several different marine environments including oceans, reefs, shores, and rivers. At the aquarium, you’ll get...

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