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4 Alternative Accommodation Arrangements for the Experimental Traveler

4 Alternative Accommodation Arrangements for the Experimental Traveler As any seasoned traveler will tell you – traveling is great fun. Once you get a taste of it, you never want to stop because the new experiences and hidden gems just never end. Being able to live spontaneously, unsure of what you’ll be doing tomorrow is part of the traveling thrill, which is why most seasoned travelers are constantly seeking out the weird and wonderful. This post is to help those of you who are traveling obsessed. We want you to enjoy everything that the world has to offer from the luxurious to the unusual and to that end, here is a guide to some of the alternative accommodation arrangements available whilst you’re traveling. Cave Hotels Starting with the all-natural look, cave hotels look great and have increased in popularity over the years. Arguably the most well-known cave hotel is the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. The accommodation markets itself as a quirky high-end retreat and combines rustic décor with more modern touches, all whilst situated overlooking a beautiful valley. The Creek Cave Lodge is based in the USA but there are plenty of other options around the world. Italy boasts many cave hotels, some of which are based in UNESCO heritage sites and Turkey’s unique geography has made it perfect for this type of accommodation. If you want a new...

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Vigan: History Preserved

VIGAN: HISTORY PRESERVED If you ever find that you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the modern concrete jungle and into a street paved with cobblestone and flanked by 16th century-inspired Spanish houses, then, nomad, you’ve found yourself in Vigan, Philippines. This town is the most extensively preserved town in the Philippines. It is untouched by the modernization that has flourished everywhere else, and it holds a distinct brand of romance that you can only find in places where the walls themselves have their own stories to tell. Vigan is filled with 16th-century structures, along with those Spanish-era street lamps. and even down to the use of horse-drawn carriages called “Kalesas.” During the 16th-century, Vigan was a vital coastal trading post that catered to both Spanish and Chinese traders. It was the trade center for the northern regions in the Philippines and as such, was one of the most developed of its time. Today, this charming city sticks to its roots. Walking around Calle Crisologo feels like visiting an era long gone. The town is filled with art. Everything about it is art. Everything from the historical paintings and sculptures from the Philippine’s most affluent artists, to the age-old art of pottery. Hotel Luna is a 4.5-star hotel in Calle Crisologo that showcases the perfect marriage between modernism and 16th-century art. The hotel has all the amenities that...

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Fly Like a Pro: Travel Hacks Even Frequent Fliers Don’t Know

Whether it is for business or a vacation, most of us will need to fly on an airplane at certain points in our lives. While the miracle of flight is a pretty amazing thing, some of the flights we end up taking are, well, less than amazing. It’s no secret, plane rides can often be a nightmare. While sometimes it is due to turbulence, noisy seatmates or delays, we are often to blame for our lousy experience due to lackluster planning and preparing. With that in mind, we will now take a look at a couple of tips to help you fly and travel like an absolute pro. Try to Sit Near the Wing One of most people’s biggest gripes with flying is the turbulence. Some flights go by without a hitch, while others feel like you are riding on a roller coaster. Sadly, turbulence has only been on the rise over the past few decades, so you have to be prepared for it. While it is impossible to ignore, there are some ways to minimize the effect of this turbulence. One of the best ways to do this is to sit near the wing on the plane. The reason for this is because by sitting near a wing, you are closer to the plane’s center of gravity and the structural support helps to reduce the turbulence. Familiarize Yourself...

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A Guide To Exploring Tokyo

A Guide To Exploring Tokyo Now if you are interested to travel within Asia, my top recommendation would be Japan. Before you begin planning out your travel itinerary make sure that you have a good travel agency, like Exotic voyages, backing you up and guiding you along the various processes that will help make the planning process smoother and less tedious. The travel packages offered by Exotic voyages make for an exciting and memorable vacation that you will cherish for the rest of your life. They work closely with their clients and craft the perfect trip that will suit them perfectly. Tokyo boasts a large city population and Japanese people are polite, the food is amazing, technology is cutting edge and the city is quite electric, metaphorically and literally. There are so many things you can do when you visit Tokyo; you can visit shrines, Michelin star restaurants or the coffee shops that are hidden along the streets of Omotesando and Shibuya, but mostly interact with the locals to get the most out of your experience and their culture. Traveling within Tokyo: Public transportation in Tokyo is quite amazing, it is fast and efficient. The underground subway is fast, reliable and can get you to any place in the city and beyond. It is recommended to get A Pasmo card as soon as you arrive in Tokyo and recharge...

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Best Winter Holiday Activities as You Embark on a Hop on/Hop off Adventure in New York City

Best Winter Holiday Activities as You Embark on a Hop on/Hop off Adventure in New York City When it comes to amazing holiday travel destinations, New York City is at the top of the list. The city that never sleeps is known for its endless options for activities year-round, but New York City really thrives in the late fall and early winter months. Here are some of the best activities in New York City to get the most out of the winter holidays. Bryant Park Winter Village The opening of the Bryant Park Winter Village is a sign that Christmas has arrived in New York City, despite the fact that it tends to open near Halloween. With a 17,000 square foot ice rink, and an extensive marketplace, this New York City hot spot is the perfect spot for a romantic evening, some solo shopping, or to take your nomadic family for a night on the town. Given the time of year, Bryant Park Winter Village is the perfect place to get some holiday shopping done. Visit one of the small coffee shops, then peruse through the 150 vendor locations at the park. Located in Midtown Manhattan behind the New York Public Library’s main branch, the Winter Village is a must-see. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a spectacle to behold. With the 2017 version standing at...

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