travel Dubai on a budget

10 tips for people to travel Dubai on a budget

Luxurious 7-star hotels, limousines, lip-smacking food and world class luxurious shopping, Dubai is definitely not among the first choices of the budget travelers. Not everyone can afford to stay in 5-star hotels and savor the luxury that Dubai is famed for! Even though Dubai has a reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world, you can still explore Dubai without having scores of dollars in your bank accounts. There are several things to do and see in Dubai for a budget traveler; and trust us it will be no less of an experience. Here’s 10 tips how you can travel to Dubai on a budget recommended by HolidayMe (EN|AR).

travel Dubai on a budget

10 tips to travel Dubai on a budget


Tip 1# Cheap flights

The main concern while planning any international tour is the cheap airfare. If you have not yet finalized the travel dates, you can browse through many websites offering great deals and discounts on Dubai flights. You can compare the cheap airfares and book a flight thus giving you the best flight deals to Dubai.

Tip 2# Nightlife

If you are lucky enough to be a lady, then you will find the glitzy nightlife of Dubai to be incredibly affordable. Going out on Tuesday is a doddle for women in Dubai. Most of the bars offers at least two free drinks or free champagne all night.

Tip 3# Transportation

If you want to see most of the attractions of Dubai on a budget, then choose a metro line to get around in the city. Don’t panic, the two line driverless trains in Dubai offer some of the cheapest public transportation in the world.

Tip 4# Accommodation

Due to the glitz, glamour, and world class attractions, Dubai lures hordes of visitors each year, so the demand for hotels in Dubai is also on the rise. If you think that staying in Dubai, means spending a lot of money, then you couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are so many affordable or cheap hotels that offer all the comforts expected by tourists. The Orient Guest House Hotel, The Meydan Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Dubai Festival City are some of the cheap hotels in Dubai.

Tip 5# Go to Dubai Creek

One of the best things to enjoy on a budget holiday in Dubai is experiencing the glorious weather of Dubai in outdoor spaces. Strolling along the Dubai Creek is the best way to catch some early morning rays.

travel Dubai on a budget

Tip 6# Market hopping

You don’t have to hunt for the glitzy gold bazaar or the ultra-modern chic malls like Dubai Shopping Mall to satiate your thirst for shopping. Head to Karama Market for some retail therapy to ensure that your stay in Dubai remains a budget holiday.

Tip 7# Explore beaches

Even though Dubai has over 50km-long stretches of golden sand beaches, most of it has been reserved by 5-star hotels and tourists can’t get direct access to these beaches. Instead of these private beaches, head to Jumeirah Beach Park, a public park with umbrellas, sun loungers, photogenic palm trees and fast food, cafes, and restaurants.

Tip 8# Soak up some culture

Who doesn’t love free things? There are so many museums in Dubai offering free admission, so you can create a list to visit them. You can also plan a visit to Dubai Museum or Camel Museum to explore the history of Dubai or just admire the traditional way of their lives.

Tip 9# Sample some local cuisine

Although Dubai is renowned for its world class five-star restaurants, luxury dining and gold cocktails, you can experience a unique style of dining by visiting Al Diyafah Road to savor Emirati cuisine or some international cuisines from one of its reasonably priced restaurants or cafes.

Tip 10# Tempted to spend some more money

No trip to Dubai would be complete without experiencing the scorching heat of this desert city. Hit the sands in an SUV and indulge in some of the best adventure activities like sand boarding, quad biking, or dune bashing.

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