Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

5 Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

The Philippines are commonly known from travel journals and magazines as the land of a real wildlife because there are more than 7,000 islands from which only 880 are populated. But no less interesting than visiting beautiful and vivid jungles and beaches is a visit the capital city of Manila, which is also known as the Eastern Pearl. Here people are not afraid of storms and typhoons, and children in the streets still look curiously at foreigners.

But what to do and see in this wonderful town? Cheap hotels booking professionals from Travel Ticker are going to share a short list of five must-see and attractions which you will never forget!

5 Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

See Spain in the middle of the Philippines

Intramuros’ name describes the oldest Manila area, surrounded by massive, almost 400 year old walls. Spanish colonizers built the block, so while walking among the beautiful baroque churches, you can instantly feel like in Barcelona.

The most famous temple of the district is St. Augustine’s. This temple’s life story is marked by two fires and seven earthquakes. Practical tip: walk around in the beautiful Intramuros streets and squares until 10 o’clock in the morning, before the heat of he day starts to get uncomfortable.


Take a swim in a volcanic crater

Once you are staying in Manila, it would be a sin not to visit the Taal volcano, which can be reached from the capital in a couple of hours with a car.

The volcano is famous not only for the fact that it is the smallest active volcano in the world but also because of the impressive turquoise crater lake. The water here smells not very pleasant, but to take a swim between volcanic rocks is undoubtedly a bewildering and incredible experience.

Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

Play chess in the Heroes Square

It’s hard to find a Manila resident, who has’t visited the Rizal Park. Patriotic locals adore this green oasis and its towering monuments to the heroes of the country, while others come here to practice martial arts on the huge grassland or just rest in the sun.

On 60 hectares of land, there is no shortage of blooming gardens, which hides the Checkerboard Square where you can challenge the locals to a game of chess.

Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

Take a ride on the bus roof

Walking around in the streets of Manila, it is impossible to miss the colorful buses called Jeepney. These vehicles are usually decorated with characters from favorite movies or just painted funny, and they have no shortage of passengers, so the ones who don’t fit have to sit on the roof.

If you need to go from point A to B, do not bother searching for specific stops – just stop this bus in the middle of a street and get out!

Bargain for a false university diploma

Divisoria Market should be chosen not only for those who want to save but also for those tourists who are looking for unique products. Here you can find everything the heart desires: fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, luxury antique furniture, fake university diplomas. You know – ordinary everyday stuff.

To be fair, before heading to the marketplace, follow a few rules. To avoid being robbed, leave your jewelry at the hotel, have as little cash with you as possible, and vigilantly be mindful of your purse. Now go bargain!

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