Try These 10 Delicious Traditional Czech Dishes

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10 Most Delicious Traditional Czech Dishes

In the Czech Republic, people love to eat. From creamy sauces to savory soups to meaty delights, Czechs have a way to tickle your culinary delights. With foods for every season, there are so many to try right now.

Here are just 10 of the tastiest traditional Czech dishes that you can sample today!

Roasted Pork (Vepřo Knedlo Zelo)

Traditional Czech Dishes

Vepřo knedlo zelo is one of the most common traditional dishes in the Czech Republic. This dish consists of roasted pork with dumplings and pickled cabbage. Portions are often served generously, making this a meaty dish.

Marinated Sirloin (Svíčková Na Smetaně)

Love sirloin? Then this dish from the Czech Republic will amaze you!

Svíčková na smetaně is braised beef that’s usually covered with thick, creamy sauce. It’s also dressed with parsley roots and carrots. The best sides for this dish are usually cranberry sauce and whipped cream, giving you a taste of both savory and sweetness. 

Schnitzel With Potato Salad (Smažený Řízek)

Originally a dish from Germany, the Smažený řízek, or Schnitzel, became a Czech staple that’s prized in Sunday family gatherings. Often served with homemade potato salad, the Schnitzel comprises of thin slices of tenderized pork or chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic before being breaded with flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Garlic Soup (Česnečka)

Garlic soup is what the name suggests in this Czech cuisine. Heavy on the garlic, this dish is best served with croutons and a raw egg. You can add small pieces of meat (i.e. pork, sausage, etc.) to the soup.

Potato Pancakes (Bramboráky)

Love potatoes? Then you’ll love Bramboráky

These potato pancakes are a fan-favorite in the Czech Republic. You’ll find this delicacy in markets, restaurants, fairs, and even festivals. 

The secret to their flakiness? It’s made from a simple recipe of grated potatoes, crushed garlic, onion, milk, caraway, marjoram, flour, and eggs. You ladle the mix like you would regular pancakes, and you cook them until they’re golden brown and crisp on both sides.

Steak Tartare (Tatarák)

Czechs love meats! And the Czech tatarák (or steak tartare) is no exception!

It’s essentially raw beef that’s minced and served like a burger patty on a plate. It’s topped with a raw egg, along with some mixings like salt, pepper, garlic, diced onions, and paprika. If you can look past its strangeness, you’ll love the flavors that it has in store for you.

Mushroom, Potato, And Dill Soup (Kulajda)

Traditional Czech Dishes

Kulajda is known for its sweet and sour flavors. Why? Because of its notable medley of creamy dill, mushroom, and potato flavors! You can also add things like sour cream and a poached egg to get more out of the sweet-and-sour vibe. 

Bread Pudding (Žemlovka)

Traditional Czech Dishes

Who doesn’t love a good bread pudding?

Take Žemlovka, or bread pudding or pie. A shared dish of both the Czech and Slovak traditions, it’s a dessert worth trying. Or, you can have it as the main course! 

Often replacing regular bread at the Czech dinner table, this bread pudding is consumed all the time. (Yes, the Czechs LOVE their bread pudding! They can’t get enough of it!) It’s made in layers of Czech bread rolls that are soaked in sweet, vanilla-flavored milk. Afterward, it’s filled with amazing ingredients like grated apples, raisins, and cinnamon. Now, if you add a top layer of meringue, you’ll give the pudding or pie a special boost in flavor!

Goulash (Guláš)

Traditional Czech Dishes

A hardy goulash is always on the menu in the Czech Republic. One of the cheapest meals in Czech cuisine, it’s essentially a pork stew (or beef, in some cases) that throws in lots of onions, and is often served with bread dumplings or slices of dark bread. 

Smoked Meat (Uzené)

Traditional Czech Dishes

Finally, if you can’t get enough of the meats that the Czech Republic has to offer, then try Uzené. It essentially means “smoked meat,” so pretty much any type of meat would do. 

However, Uzené is mostly a pork dish, seeing that there are many variations of it – especially bacon. (The Czechs LOVE bacon!) Plus, it’s often served with sides of juniper berries and peppers.

10 Traditional Czech Dishes to Try

As you can tell, the Czechs love their food, as much as you would with yours. Want to experiment with world cuisine? Then traditional Czech dishes are the way to go!

As you try these 10 different dishes straight out of Czech tradition, you’ll be amazed to see how exquisite and delicious each are in their own unique way!

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Have you traveled to the Czech Republic? Which traditional Czech dish was your favorite?

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