Cruising Galapagos – 6 Reasons Why You Should Take This Trip

Your days off are getting closer and now you are wondering where you will spend your time off and relax. The Galapagos Islands might not be the first destination that pops into your mind, but it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can enjoy your vacation on a cruise tour or a land tour. Either way, the Galapagos islands cruise is always the better option that can make your days unforgettable and filled with adventures. Here, we’ll talk about some of the advantages and main reasons why you should take this Galapagos trip and have more than just a traditional vacation.

Cruising Galapagos might be an adventure of a lifetime, so make sure you have this travel experience on your bucket list. This amazing archipelago is located west of Ecuador and it’s the mecca for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. It will easily become the place where you will want to return over and over again.

Flexible Activities

There is a wide range of options from which you can choose and decide how you want to spend your days on the island. They have a lot of activities and you can take cruises to the other islands and see the natural wonders while having a flexible schedule. You can swim, walk around or admire the local fauna and flora. The flexibility of turning the trip into a native-based creature hike makes it even more exciting. You can get the chance to see the animals’ natural habitats that have lived for millions of years on the islands and have a one-of-a-kind experience.

You’ll Learn More About The History

The Galapagos Islands were discovered by the bishop Tomas Berlanga in 1535 when he sailed from Panama to Peru to settle a dispute after the conquest of the Incas. The strong currents took the bishop to Galapagos. The Islands have been known as “Enchanted Isles” for many years. The place has become a refuge for pirates that were preying on ships. 

Charles Darwin has made scientific studies of the Islands and became the first person who has done it. His great work “The Origin Of Species” was written based on his observations on the Galapagos Islands. He elaborated the natural selection and the laws of evolution which led to becoming a great scientific theory about human development.

Cruising Galapagos
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Amazing Beaches And Galapagos Tours

One of the reasons for visiting the Galapagos is the tours and the amazing beaches that are the perfect place to enjoy and spend your vacation. Having a variety of cruises and land tours, you can plan your activities and explore different parts of the Island. 

Since Galapagos is known for its beaches, the white sand, and the breathtaking views, you can lounge on the shore or have a swim into the crystal clear waters. It’s easy to avoid crowds because the Island is a protected World Heritage Site and the restriction of tourists makes the place more private. There are 19 islands that you can visit for the full Galapagos experience and enjoy your stay filled with great itineraries.


The wildlife in Galapagos is, without a doubt, the best experience you can have on this trip. You can find giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, and many more. You can take pictures of the animals, or with them, just please make sure you are following the general and safety rules of the island. There are over 440 fish species, crabs, black corals, sponges, rays, sea cucumbers, scallops, and sea urchins that are waiting for your visit! 

You can walk in Darwin’s footsteps and explore the different natural habitats of the local animals, learn about their ecosystems and see where the theory of evolution originated from. You can make a notation that the tortoises look slightly different on the various islands.

The Volcanoes

If you’ve followed our list of reasons by now, then you probably know where this is headed! Galapagos is all about its nature. Sierra Negra, Genovesa, Volcan Wolf, and Fernandina Island are among the most famous ones where you can see this natural phenomenon. Isabela Island has one of the most visited volcanoes, Cerro Azul. 

Cruising Galapagos
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Relaxation And Entertainment

Between the busy schedule at work, the desk, and your daily tasks, and the thought of a sunny, relaxing day at the beach, the latter one has an advantage. On the Galapagos islands, you can have all of the fun and relaxation you want. Its wonderful climate and plentiful marine life will enrich your traveling experience. Finally, the busy schedule and work stress will be left behind and all you can think about will be the underwater worlds and how you’ll want to spend the rest of your life living on the Galapagos.

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