11 Places to Stay in Jindabyne for Honeymoon

The first time a couple gets to know themselves, their personality, favors, and likes after the wedding, is at honeymoon. Every couple wants to make their honeymoon memorable. And they search for the best place for their honeymoon. 

One of the best places on this planet for honeymoon is Jindabyne, Australia. So people used to visit Jindabyne to escape from the insecurities of their hectic and boring daily life. One can do many adventure activities at Jindabyne, ranging from skiing, snowball making, fishing, and wakeboarding. 

Tourists can capture the essence of real nature like snowy mountains and small greeneries in their minds, which they will never forget. Jindabyne, hence has all the stuff that a couple needs. Here are some of the popular hotels, inns, and resorts to visit in Jindabyne: –

1- Jindy Inn

Jindy Inn is one of the first places that comes to mind for a couple. It is one of the most popular and favorite places among couples. The Pricing and types of room schedule are as follows: –

  • Garden room- the garden room is a good choice for families and couples, it has a large bed and a balcony suitable for three people’s stay. The Garden room costs 94 USD per night. 
  • Standard Room- Standard room is perfect for couples who want to enjoy their time with absolute beauty and privacy. The pricing is also affordable, which is 101 USD per night.
  • Superior Room- This room is for those couples who believe in quality. The superior room has many features that others don’t, like super privacy and personalized services. The pricing is 105 dollars per night.


  • Free Wifi 
  • Free continental breakfast as well
  • An en-suite Bathroom
  • Vicinity with local bars, shops, restaurants, cafes, and malls.
  • TV
  • Hairdryer
  • 45 lt. Fridge and many more.

2- Snow Escape Holidays

Snow Escape Holidays hotel serves in the area of Jindabyne with the sole purpose of serving tourists, adventurers, and couples. Professionalism is in their blood and bones. 

They also provide many amenities like a full wifi facility, TV, hairdryer, exotic bathrooms, and refrigerator facility. The price of each branch is different and varies as per the room availability and range. 

Some rooms are big and suitable for families only, but some are just enough for a honeymoon couple. For example, Crackenback-Mountain Chalet hotel provides accommodation only at 534 USD, Avalanche, Jindabyne at 398 USD, and Whistler branch at 618 USD.

3- Guthega Inn

If a couple wants to be in an isolated area and wants to feel the aesthetic beauty of nature, with no compromise with service, then Guthega Inn is the best place for them. Guthega Inn is 2 kilometers away from Guthega Inn Ski, and one can get a panoramic view of Mount Kosciuszko from here. 

The staff here is very polite and helpful too. Some of the facilities and amenities available to couples here are a fireplace in the rooms, dedicated cafes, and daily service to rooms. They also have a great food menu consisting of regional tastes and wines. 

But the pricing is a little higher depending upon how many nights a couple has to spend. For example, 3 nights-856 USD per night, 4 or more nights-788 USD. But the expensive rates are justified by their quality of service.

4- Thredbo Alpine Hotel

Whenever you think of Mountains and their pristine beauty, never forget the name of Thredbo Alpine Hotel. It is located in the heart of Mount Kosciuszko. The aesthetic nature and appealing sense of snow attract everyone. 

Thredbo Alpine Hotel has cosmopolitan amenities, and they can give rooms to anyone whether he is a single person or comes in a group. Couples are highly welcomed here. Restaurants, Bars, Spa, cozy and comfortable rooms are the identity of Thredbo Alpine Hotel. 

One can also enjoy the alpine food only due to their diverse food menu. The pricing is dependent on the type of room you rent. 150 USD is the average price but can vary with the standard, middle, and superior-sized rooms.

5- Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa

Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa stands out from other places regarding spa and resort services. The restaurants here are very unique, and tasty food is delivered here. Couples are highly motivated to visit this place. 

Taking a spa here is a pleasure to do. It is nestled in the Thredbo Valley, and taking the resorting experience and enjoying the mountain view is something no one wants to leave. 

That’s why most of the time, this spa is pre-booked. The amenities are comfortable with cozy rooms, TV, spa, dining, and wines. The pricing ranges from 200 USD to 250 USD per night.

6- The Perisher Valley Hotel

Famous for its skiing, snowboarding, and snowballing, the perisher valley hotel is a place to live and enjoy as well. Located in the heart of Kosciuszko National Park, a couple can enjoy both snow and greenery. 

They have established a training program where they train newcomers in snowboarding, skiing, etc. The best part is that it is only 800 meters away from Village 8 express. 

Some of the amenities that a couple will get here are free wireless internet 24*7, cozy, beautiful, neat rooms, LCD TV, Hairdryer, excellent bathrooms, and many more. The pricing is nearly 160 USD per night, which can vary with the quality and standard of the rooms. 

7- Bernti’s Mountain Inn

Keeping their all necessities in mind, Bernti’s Mountain Inn has always attracted many couples over the years, and the number is still growing. Couples can get a peaceful and natural environment at Bernie’s Mountain Inn. 

Bernie has sufficiently spacious rooms made just for couples. Some of the amenities here are Egyptian cotton bed sheets, complimentary free wifi, tea, coffee, and free-to-air TV channels. The pricing of Bernti’s Mountain Inn is very affordable, which is nearly 50 USD only per night.

8- Squatters Run Apartments

In Thredbo, Squatters Run Apartments is a 4-star hotel with polished apartments and rooms. The rooms and apartments here are quite spacious and comfortable. Some of the couples prefer to make and cook their own food, this also enables them to understand one another and spend quality time. 

Seeing this trend, Squatters Run Apartments have made an option available for such couples, rooms with kitchenette. Squatters Run Apartments is the place which will relieve all your burden of rent and rooms, and this makes you enjoy more out of the nature. 

The amenities here are free Wifi, continental breakfast, and a diverse menu, An en-suite kitchenette, vicinity with local bars, shops, restaurants, cafes and malls, TV, Hairdryer, 45 lt. fridge and many more. 

The pricing is nearly 250 USD per night, but that also depends upon the room types rented. Contact them for more details.

9- Candlelight Lodge

What’s more romantic than a candlelight dinner. It is the fever dream to get one such Candlelight dinner. This wish can be fulfilled at Candlelight Lodge. It is a three-star hotel located in the utmost beauty and aesthetic nature of the Thredbo area. 

It is nearer to the famous Mount Kosciuszko and Kosciuszko National Park. So, one can enjoy the view of both of these places only living at Candlelight Lodge. 

Some of the most loved amenities of Candlelight Lodge are the beautiful bar, great service, Free Wifi in the rooms, and good vibes at the place. The pricing is nearly 125 USD, subject to availability and the nature of the room one wants.

10- Rainbow Pines Tourist Caravan Park

Rainbow Pines Tourist Caravan Park is an award-winning three-star hotel with excellent facilities and services and highly affordable prices. Selwyn Snowfields are just a 40-minute drive away from here. Also, it is located in the vicinity of Mount Kosciuszko and Kosciuszko National Park. 

It is a good place to spend a Night. So, the couple will always be near to the snow. Nestled in the beautiful sceneries and natural mountains, the views from here are just astonishing. 

This place is full of tourists and couples around the year, and some of the amenities provided here are free Wifi, appealing and relaxing beauty of nature, comfortable rooms, LCD TV, and many more. The pricing here is also very affordable compared to others, which is just 60 USD per night.

11- Siesta Villa

If one loves the lake and the lakeside shore, then Siesta Villa is for them. Siesta Villa is located near the Lake Jindabyne, and it also consists of a playground, restaurant, and bar. Party-ready and chill people are the main customers of Siesta Villa. 

It is a three-star hotel with excellent and commendable reviews on social media. The rooms here are very beautifully designed, and the interior design is just incomparable. Located near the ski lines, snow is never behind your eyes. 

The other amenities available here are a hairdryer, exotic and beautiful bathrooms, Free Wifi, TV with many channels to entertain you, etc. The pricing here is subject to availability and type of the room, which is nearly 70 USD per night for a standard room.

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