Three Top Places in the Balearics to Visit as a Digital Nomad

With its warm climate, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food, Spain and the Balearics are popular destinations for all kinds of travelers, and digital nomads are no exception. If you’re working remotely, but you’re keen to visit the Balearic Islands, you might be wondering which locations are the best options for working travelers. To help you plan your next move, we’ve put together this guide to the three top places to visit in the Balearics as a digital nomad.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma, the capital of the island of Mallorca, is adapting to become a top location for digital nomads. Mallorca has long been a popular destination for tourists but it’s increasingly becoming attractive to digital nomads looking to escape from big cities. With a laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals, you can focus on your work whilst also enjoying a relaxed pace of life and exploring Mallorca’s stunning scenery.

Of course, you could base yourself anywhere on the island. However, for reliable internet speeds, Palma is the ideal option. Full of bohemian cafes and shops, places of cultural interest like its Gothic cathedral and well-known historic quarter, and established co-working spaces, you can find everything you need to work as well as relax and enjoy the sun.


You probably think of Ibiza as a party destination. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, there’s more to the island than that, like the World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila. Its seasonal tourism makes it a popular place for digital nomads during the offseason when you can explore without the crowds. 

Known for its stunning coves and crystal clear water, Ibiza is a fantastic choice if you love a dip in the sea after work. A bustling international community means you’re highly likely to meet others who speak your language or come from the same country as you.

Whilst Ibiza might have fewer co-working spaces than some other locations, the ones it has are well-equipped to accommodate the digital nomads who visit in increasing numbers. You’ll find ample opportunities for networking and opportunities to pay for workspace in a low-cost and flexible way. Whether you love a night out or want to explore a European landscape that reminds you of the Caribbean, you’ll feel right at home working in Ibiza.


Menorca is another island that’s long been popular with travelers and is increasingly becoming a destination for digital nomads. Ciutadella is the island’s largest city, with a rich history and a growing number of co-working spaces. Known for being quieter than its neighbors Ibiza and Mallorca, it’s a great place if you’re looking for a safe and peaceful environment. Despite this, there are still plenty of opportunities to meet locals as well as other digital nomads.

Whilst Menorca may lack the busy atmosphere of some of the other Balearic Islands, it’s a great location if you want to enjoy a warm climate and stunning scenery. It’s recognized for its pine-fringed coastline, stunning harbors, and sandy beaches stretching for miles. You’ll also discover a thriving ex-pat community, helping you to meet other people and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Balearic Islands inspiration

The Balearic Islands offer some great destinations for digital nomads who want a relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a buzzing community, gorgeous beaches, or a vibrant party scene, this part of Spain has something for everyone. Why not find some more inspiration for your trip and then head off to your newest office in the sun.

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