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How to Visit Liverpool on a Budget

How to Visit Liverpool on a Budget Liverpool is a city that achieves a difficult equilibrium. It is constantly changing, yet remains forever anchored to its history and traditions, the two facets entwining seamlessly. In no other British city, do students, hipsters, tourists, and locals fuse so well together. You think nothing of enjoying a locally brewed ale sandwiched between a group of young scholars and a pair of nattering old men. Liverpool certainly has sights, restaurants, and bars aplenty, but it is the very essence of the city that binds it all together in one fun package. Being...

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Tips for traveling South Africa on a Budget

Tips for traveling South Africa on a Budget South Africa is a hot destination, and it’s not difficult to see why. With a combination of first-class wildlife, endless beaches, jagged mountains, and delicious wine, it has something to lure almost every kind of traveler. It is, however, not the cheapest place to travel. It’s a huge country, with must-see destinations all over, and public transport is not great. Cities such as Cape Town can be particularly expensive to spend time in and trips into national parks full of cats and elephants can easily rack up a hefty tab. But...

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Cape Town for Foodies: Eating well in South Africa’s Mother City

Cape Town for Foodies: Where to Eat in Cape Town In Cape Town there are couriers that deliver lunchtime oysters to your house or office. This is how seriously Capetonians take their food. The city is surrounded by Winelands and is home to an eclectic mix of people, with each group adding something to the fusion of tastes that is Cape Town. Food culture here is a potion with ingredients including African staples such as bobotie and bunny chow, Cape Malay dishes from the city’s Asian heritage, and a healthy mix of seafood and Mediterranean tapas. Complimenting such flavors...

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Travel Guide to Manchester, UK

Travel Guide to Manchester, UK The largest city in northern England, Manchester was once Britain’s industrial heart, produced some of the country’s finest music and is home to one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Architecturally, the city is dotted with spectacular Victorian Gothic and Edwardian buildings, emblems of its past as a giant of British industry. Modern Manchester is a cosmopolitan blend of cultures, meaning an eclectic mix of restaurants offering everything from Spanish tapas to Nepalese cuisine. The city also has two Premier League football clubs, United and City, ensuring a charged atmosphere of heated rivalry....

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Make Yourself at Home in Cuba’s Casas Particulares

At Home in Cuba’s Casas Particulares I remember heading in to Havana from the airport after an evening flight in. The sun was already down but balmy air whistled in through the windows as classic cars rumbled past. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” was croaking softly out of the taxi’s radio. Considering recent media coverage of Cuba’s coming in from the cold, no song could have been more apt. However, the times did not start a-changin’ with Obama and Castro’s handshake, with slow evolution occurring since Raúl succeeded his brother. While remaining only a tiny percentage of...

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