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What To Do in Two Days in Cairo, Egypt

What to do in two days in Cairo, Egypt Cairo, the capital of Egypt, can be overwhelming. The largest city in the Middle East, with over 20 million people, Cairo is big. And there’s a lot more than the pyramids to see. If you’re time-pressed, you’ll want to be organized and know what to see, and how to see it, in the most efficient way possible. In a surprisingly short time, you can see the main sights and take in this ancient yet vibrant city. The trick is to be patient and accommodating with the place. If you are,...

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Photo of the Week: Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt Halfway up the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Dahab is closer to Saudi Arabia than any other Egyptian settlement of significant size. Wedged between the Gulf of Aqaba (a stretch of the Red Sea) and the stark Sinai mountains, Dahab is a little oasis of charm, solitude, and restfulness. A perfect getaway for those in search of more than one “ahhh” moment. The whole point of going to Dahab is to get away from it all. Unique is its hippy-Arab vibe, which you probably won’t experience anywhere else. If you’re here to rush around, the place won’t be...

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What to Do in One Day in Odessa, Ukraine

Spotlight on: A Day in Odessa, Ukraine History in a Nutshell: Not much was going on around what is now the city of Odessa before the end of the eighteenth century. Before then, the spot had been a trading post slash fortress for a time on the edge of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, then on that of the Ottoman Empire. The 1790s are when things really picked up. Fierce land and naval battles between the Turks and Russians ended in Russian Victory. It was then suggested to Catherine the Great that she convert it from trading post slash fortress to...

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Photo of the Week: Papal Palace of Avignon

Photo of the Week: Papal Palace of Avignon On the Rhône River in Southern France is the small city of Avignon. The city is home of the famous bridge from the French children’s song (or what’s left of it). More significantly, Avignon is awash in Papal history. One of the only French cities with intact centuries-old ramparts, its claim to fame is being the official seat of the Papacy during the 14th century. While construction of their future home started in the mid 13th century, the Popes throughout the 14th century quickly turned this Avignon fortress and new Papal...

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Making the Most of Long Layovers, and Seeking Them Out

Making the Most of Long Layovers, and Seeking Them Out Like most travelers, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded long layover. This happens because of some mysterious booking algorithm convincing you to save sometimes hundreds of dollars to take a (much) later connecting flight. And sometimes it’s because the only onward flight to your final destination is much later than the first flight’s arrival. Sometimes it’s too cold or too much of a hassle to leave the airport. My uncle comes to mind here. He spent about seven hours in JFK once. And meticulously tested and ranked the terminal’s cafes...

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