Author: Jacques Rosenberg

Making the Most of Long Layovers, and Seeking Them Out

Making the Most of Long Layovers, and Seeking Them Out Like most travelers, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded long layover. This happens because of some mysterious booking algorithm convincing you to save sometimes hundreds of dollars to take a (much) later connecting flight. And sometimes it’s because the only onward flight to your final destination is much later than the first flight’s arrival. Sometimes it’s too cold or too much of a hassle to leave the airport. My uncle comes to mind here. He spent about seven hours in JFK once. And meticulously tested and ranked the terminal’s cafes...

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Go to these Provence Villages in Winter

Introducing: Provence Villages in Winter Olive trees, lavender fields, stone towns atop hills, and of course, rosé. Provence, in the south of France, is one of those regions that almost inevitably provokes a sigh of longing when mentioned. Summer is definitely the high season here. Hot and dry, with sun and more sun all day long, it’s easy to understand why. Once in Provence however, just as you bend over to take in that lavender, the dream is shattered: busloads of other lavender-sniffing tourists ruin your moment. In the villages, it’s almost an amusement-park; impossible to get an authentic...

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Your Complete Guide to Wintertime in Megève, France

Megève, France: A Winter Wonderland Deep in the French Alps, up winding roads, across freezing surging streams and through pine trees is the town of Megève. In the Haute-Savoie département wedged between modern-day France, Switzerland, and Italy, and at nearly 4,000 feet up, Megève was for centuries overlooked by the history books. Cows and mountain goats shared the alpine pastures, and were doing so well into the twentieth century. A scene straight out of The Sound of Music. Enter the Roaring Twenties, when the whole of Europe was, as in America, seeking to shake off the memories of the Great War....

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Photo of the Week: When in Siena

Photo of the Week: When in Siena Bright and sunny, Siena arouses all things Tuscany. Right in the middle of this famous part of Italy, characterized by rolling hills, olive trees, and vineyards, the city’s brown stone houses rise above it all. During the Renaissance, the city was one of the wealthiest in Italy. Today, it offers a quieter and more authentic Tuscan experience than its northern neighbor, Florence. However, the Palio horse race, pitching Siena’s 17 districts against each other, interrupts the calm once a year. Losing oneself in the zigzagging streets is by far the best way to...

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One Day in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Spotlight On: A day in Saint Petersburg, Russia Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city after Moscow. Capital of the Romanovs, it boasts unique historical heritage. Home to some of the world’s most renowned cultural hotspots, like the Hermitage Museum and the Mariinsky Ballet, the city also offers lush green spaces, pleasant canal-side strolls, fine dining, urban beaches, and a buzzing energy. Here is a wonderful combination of history and modernity, of energy and Paris-style flânerie. Official name: Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербу́рг); affectionate locals’ name: Peter (Пётр) Noteworthy facts: Saint Petersburg was founded in the early 1700s by Tsar Peter...

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