Author: Jacques Rosenberg

Photo of the Week: Cape Cod National Seashore

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: CAPE COD NATIONAL SEASHORE President Kennedy knew he was on to something when he protected part of his beloved Cape Cod as a National Seashore. The most pristine and uninterrupted cape coastline is also one of the lesser frequented chunks of this popular American vacation ground. Especially in the early morning and evening, even in summer. The windy beach seems endless and surreal. To get the best out of your time at the Seashore, consider buying a national parks annual pass. It gives free access to all National Park Service sites. This way, you can...

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What to Do in One Day in Fribourg, Switzerland

SPOTLIGHT ON: ONE DAY IN FRIBOURG, SWITZERLAND History in a nutshell: Fribourg, given its central geographic location, like much of Switzerland, experienced a tumultuous Medieval history. The city managed well, and continued to grow after joining the Swiss Confederation in the late 1400s. It then prospered thanks to the cloth and leather industries. And after industrializing in the 19th century, it has continued to be one of the wealthiest and most livable cities in Switzerland. Fun fact(s): The city is surrounded on three sides by the Sarine river and its jutting cliffs, making it easy to defend during the Middle Ages,...

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: DARK HOLLOW FALLS Before launching into my amazing road trip, before hiking in California, before the Oregon beaches, I decided to explore closer to home (the D.C. area). Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is one of my favorite places. It was a worthy first stop on my incredible America-themed summer. And only an hour and a half from the nation’s capital, it’s hard to beat in the day-trip category. Dark Hollow Falls trail is one of the best in the park. It culminates with, you guessed it, a gushing waterfall. An easy and pleasant drive...

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My U.S. Road Trip: Two Weeks, 5,000 Miles (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part story. Check out Part 1 here! My U.S. Road Trip: Two Weeks, 5,000 Miles A U.S. road trip is, at some point in time, on everyone’s travel bucket list. Few are ever fortunate enough to hit the road. My best friend and I had the first two weeks of June 2018 and a car at our disposal to do it. And knew we wouldn’t get another chance like this again anytime soon. The idea of going west was powerful, so that was the decided objective. Knowing full well that in such a short...

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Photo of the Week: The Cape of Good Hope

Photo of the Week: The Cape of Good Hope Spectacular. That’s the only way to describe one of the most famous geographic points in the world. Sea captains of past eras would have said cold, windy, dangerous, or daunting. The Cape of Good Hope can indeed be all these things. But to the modern visitor, it inspires a unique sense of awe and wonder. Only an hour away from Cape Town, Good Hope is the perfect definition of a great day trip. The sense of excitement grows as I get closer and closer. I know I’m heading for someplace...

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