Author: Jacques Rosenberg

My U.S. Road Trip: Two Weeks, 5,000 Miles

This is Part 1 of a two-part story. Read Part 2 here. My U.S. Road Trip: Two Weeks, 5,000 Miles A U.S. road trip is, at some point in time, on everyone’s travel bucket list. Few are ever fortunate enough to hit the road. My best friend and I had the first two weeks of June 2018 and a car at our disposal to do it, and knew we wouldn’t get another chance like this again anytime soon. The idea of going west was powerful, so that was the decided objective. Knowing full well that in such a short...

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photo of the week: CANNON BEACH, OREGON

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: CANNON BEACH, OREGON Cannon Beach is king of the coast in Oregon. Stretching for several miles along the crashing and heaving Pacific, it’s cool and windy even in summer. I was lucky to have a cloudless day when I visited, though I’ve been told storms here can be truly spectacular. The vastness of the beach, then the infinite ocean beyond, and of the sky, stopped me cold. Strolling along the water, with the ocean at low tide, gave me a sense of how small we really are. The howling wind coupled with the bright sun...

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Pinnacles National Park, CALIFORNIA

SPOTLIGHT ON: PINNACLES NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA Designated a national park in 2013, Pinnacles has yet to attract the attention — and crowds — of its world-famous neighbors such as Yosemite or Redwoods. Only two hours southeast of San Francisco, Pinnacles is a wonder to behold. Well-deserving of its place among America’s national parks, it’s home to some of the most spectacular nature I’ve ever had the pleasure and privilege of enjoying. It’s a perfect day trip from the Bay area and seems to be often overlooked. Its unsung stature is a blessing. I have difficulty in describing its wondrous...

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Photo of the Week: Harpers Ferry, WV

HARPERS FERRY, WEST VIRGINIA Crisp fresh air. Piercing yet soft morning sunshine. Steaming coffee before and after a hike. History and small town charm. Thus, Harpers Ferry, tucked between Virginia, Maryland, and the northeast tip of West Virginia. At the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, Harpers Ferry is also the midpoint of the famed Appalachian Trail, in the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. Today lost on most maps, left to its quiet small town vibe, Harpers Ferry has tons of history. Due to its unique location and fortuitous circumstances, the town was commented upon by Thomas Jefferson,...

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What to do in One Day in Warsaw, Poland

SPOTLIGHT ON: A DAY IN WARSAW, POLAND History in a Nutshell: Poland has had, to say the least, a turbulent history. At certain times the strongest power in eastern Europe, Poland has been crisscrossed by invading forces for hundreds of years, namely Prussia, Austria, and Russia, followed infamously by Germany during World War Two, before coming under the control of the Soviet Union. Independent since the fall of the Union, Poland has made quick work of becoming eastern Europe’s largest economy, after joining the European Union in 2004. In 1596 King Sigismund III Vasa moved Poland’s capital from Kraków to...

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