Author: Laura Grace Tarpley

What it Costs: A Day of Travel in Taipei

A DAY OF TRAVEL COSTS IN TAIPEI, TAIWAN I’ve been living in and traveling around China for six months, and I have to admit, Taipei is my favorite city so far. The city has maintained its Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Dutch influences, providing tourists with a hodgepodge of cultures in a mere couple of blocks. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend a long weekend in the city during a holiday off work. As a result, though, I can easily calculate how much travel costs in Taipei would be for one day. Spending a day in Taipei is not...

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What It’s Like In: Shenzhen, China

What is it like in Shenzhen China? Although Shenzhen is a Tier-1 Chinese metropolis, it has only been a city for 38 years. When Shenzhen was declared a city in 1979, residency spiked. The tourism industry is starting to catch up, as Shenzhen is now the sixth most popular Chinese city for overseas tourists. Located just across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is the only Tier-1 city in the southern region of China other than Guangzhou. When you cross the border from Hong Kong, you truly have the sensation of entering Mainland China. Suddenly, the signs are only...

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