reasons to go to montreal

7 Reasons to Visit Montreal (Despite the Cold)

Considering a trip to Montreal? Don’t be dissuaded by the terrifyingly frigid winter temperatures—Montreal is gorgeous year-round, and winter is arguably the loveliest time to visit. As one of Canada’s largest cities, it’s easily accessible from almost anywhere, with the cheapest flights by Porter Airlines; it’s also among Canada’s liveliest, most modern and cultured cities. From the French, it has adopted an appreciation of museums …

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Photo of the Week: Quebec City

  Quebec City has long been a destination I‘ve wanted to visit. Old Quebec, or Vieux-Québec, has a well-known reputation of rich history being the only city north of Mexico that has retained its fortified city walls. I would further say that along with Guanajuato, Mexico, Quebec City is the most European of cities in …

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