Author: Michael Fraiman

7 Reasons to Visit Northern Chile

If you’re backpacking through South America, you’ll likely pass through Northern Chile—after all, the northernmost city, Arica, marks the only route to Peru. But it would be a mistake to truck through without spending at least a few days—the region’s colorful architecture, perpetually cool beaches and proximity to little-seen desert parks makes it a totally unique experience, combining the luxury of Chilean South American with the rusticity of indie travel. Here are seven of the best reasons to take a few days to explore Northern Chile. 1. Arica’s Beaches: Go For the Surf, Stay for the Pisco The beaches in Arica are known for...

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7 Reasons to Visit Montreal (Despite the Cold)

Considering a trip to Montreal? Don’t be dissuaded by the terrifyingly frigid winter temperatures—Montreal is gorgeous year-round, and winter is arguably the loveliest time to visit. As one of Canada’s largest cities, it’s easily accessible from almost anywhere, with the cheapest flights by Porter Airlines; it’s also among Canada’s liveliest, most modern and cultured cities. From the French, it has adopted an appreciation of museums unmatched by frankly any other Canadian city; from colonialists of all stripes it has erected a mishmash of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century architecture, both eclectic and cohesive; from waves of immigrants it has developed a palpably decades-old heritage among the Jewish, Chinese, Muslim and Italian communities. Its cityscape is organic,...

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Your Travel Guide to Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you’re looking to explore Maritime Canada, there’s no better hub than Halifax, Nova Scotia: inescapably laid back, vibrantly cultured, and pleasantly walkable, the largest city in Atlantic Canada is in every way emblematic of the eastern Canadian lifestyle. But despite being the Maritimes’ largest city and economic capital, it feels very much like a small town, lined with colorful wood-paneled houses and dotted with public green spaces. Because Nova Scotia sits at the eastern end of Canada, it has become necessarily self-reliant: craft beer and an ambitious arts scene steer the university populace, while upscale restaurants and supermarkets are based largely...

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Travel the World by Streetcar: A Guide to Toronto's Ethnic Neighborhoods

Toronto is a traveler’s dreamland. Not because it itself is especially exotic—it’s marred by skyscrapers, pollution, and transit problems caused by excessive suburban sprawl like any other good North American city—but it also proudly ranks as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, giving resident travelers a unique opportunity to explore the globe on a public transit Day Pass. So if you’re traveling to Toronto and feel like seeing the world, don’t spend more than a day on tourist lures like the CN Tower, SkyDome, Yonge & Dundas and the Bata Shoe Museum, and venture instead into the city’s myriad...

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What it's like in: Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a proudly hip city, where everything is small, and cute and necessarily unique: things are hand-woven or hand-written or hand-made, arts & crafts are one-of-a-kind, and if it’s not labelled “organic” or “fair trade” or “ethically local-source” or basically any trendy modern adjective that tends to attract upper-middle-class hipsters, it won’t exist. It is no coincidence that everything is also very expensive. There’s no denying Edinburgh’s small-city charm, owing mostly to its younger population, connected and inspired enough to gentrify almost every neighborhood, few enough in number to maintain a sense of community. The food co-op is as...

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