Since I’ve started blogging, many of you have shared with me things you’ve learned about Peru online; some of you have even bought books about Peru!  I hope this is because you are trying to plan a trip to come and visit Charlie and I. If not, let’s use your researching skills and have a fun little contest.


The Challenge:

Come up with something for me to do for an afternoon in Lima.

I’ve been bopping all around the city exploring and am always open to new suggestions.  The world is my oyster and you guys can help me explore it!  If you come up with an appropriate idea, please post it in the comment section of my blog for all readers to see.

I’ll choose the best (and most feasible) three ideas to do.  I’ll take pictures and notes and tell you all about it in a future blog post. The three contest winners who come up with the best ideas will receive a postcard from Peru (I know it’s not much, but it’s really expensive to mail things to the States).

Here are a couple things to keep in mind.

I have a guide book that has many of the museums, churches, tourist activities, etc.,  and am looking for something off the beaten path.  Although, if you think you’ve found something that I might not have heard of or considered, suggest away!

  • Let’s keep it under 100 Soles or $30…don’t want to go broke from this!
  • Make it specific…if you suggest a cooking class, find the class and tell me where and when to go.  I know there are a bunch of cooking schools in Lima but would like specifics.  So rather than suggesting “take a cooking class,” try “Thursday, 7 PM, at Pepe’s Cocina, there is a class on making Tamales.”
  • I’m not looking for a big commitment such as a job, or a class that meets more than once.  Just an afternoon, or full-day activity.
  • Let’s try to keep it fairly safe too…something I can do on my own or with a girlfriend.  I live in San Isidro, Lima, and my Spanish school is in Miraflores, Lima.  While I’m perfectly willing to venture from here, Lima is large and some areas can be very sketchy, so let’s be careful.
  • Charlie, I’m not attending finishing or etiquette school.  Sorry.  Please do not suggest that again.


*Here are two ex-pat websites that have information about Lima.  They also have forums where you can ask questions of other ex-pats who live in Lima.

Expat Peru


South American Explorers- Lima

*There is also a Facebook page for Peru ex-pats.
*There are plenty of websites relating to tourism in Peru…I’ll let you find those on your own.
Google Translate can help you translate webpages from Spanish to English so don’t let language be a barrier.


Buenos Suerte!


-Posted by Danielle L. Krautmann, 19 March 2010