margilan silk factory uzbekistan fergana

Photo of the Week: Uzbekistan Silk Factory

margilan silk factory uzbekistan fergana

This series of photos come from the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan, a famous producer of fine silk. I had the opportunity to travel to the city of Margilan to visit a silk factory when I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uzbekistan.

At the Yodgorlik silk factory, you can witness the different stages of silk production starting with the unraveling of the silk worm cocoon and continuing to the dying, weaving, and other stages.


Text and photo by Stephen Bugno


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margilan silk factory worker uzbekistan


margilan uzbekistan silk factory


margilan silk weaver uzbekistan

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Uzbekistan Silk Factory”

  1. Hey SBugno! Great photos. Thanks for portraying such a great country in such a great way with this site! Keep it up!

    1. Hey @Adam Thanks! Lots of great memories from Uzbekistan…but only now, after 7 years away am I really feeling a desire to return.

  2. Wow, it looks really different than Cambodian silk farm. (well, of course) But I see the main procedure is about the same. Nice photo on top! The dress in the last picture looks beau-tiful.

  3. Hi
    My company produces and sells silk carpet “Venus”‘ll call you
    Lay yourself in the full-size single silk price, thanks for sending me
    I’m going to travel to Uzbekistan and buy from you.

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