injeong-jeon throne hall changdeok palace

Photo of the Week: Changdeok Palace, Seoul

injeong-jeon throne hall changdeok palace

This is the throne hall of Changdeok Palace. The immense room, known as Injeong-jeon or Hall of the Benevolent Government, was used for holding formal functions of the state. It stands out among the other elegant architecture of Changdeok Palace. The palace, located in a hilly section north of dowtown Seoul, was a favorite residence of Korean royalty. Although destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592-98, it was rebuilt immediately after, remaining the primary residence until Gyeongbok Palace was rebuilt in the 19th century.

I visited the palace on a recent stop in Seoul after teaching English on Jeju Island. Below are some other photos from inside of the Changdeok Palace compound.

Text and photo by Stephen Bugno


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changdeok palace Chinese scholar trees
Branches of the 400 year-old Chinese scholar trees of Changdeok Palace, Seoul, South Korea

Buildings at the Changdeok Palace in Seoul, South Korea

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