Photo of the Week: Nablus West Bank

A few years ago I spent a couple months in Israel and the West Bank. For one of those months I volunteered in the city of Nablus for a month, teaching English and participating in other community projects. Living in the region was an invaluable way to understand the current events in the region and also gain an appreciation to the incredibly long and complex history of the Holy Lands.

The photos I have collected here are from Nablus, a Palestinian city of commerce and culture located about 40 miles north of Jerusalem. It’s predominantly Muslim, but has a minority of Christians and Samaritans living nearby. Nablus has a two thousand year history and a fascinating old town. In recent times, Nablus has seen clashes between Israeli Defense Forces and Palestinian militant groups, but remains safe for travelers.

Read more about opportunities to volunteer in the West Bank: Volunteering in the West Bank

Check out more of my photos from the West Bank on Flickr.

Text and photos by Stephen Bugno

Stephen Bugno has been working, volunteering, and and traveling abroad for the past 10 years. Now he’s blogging about it. Read more at

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Steet of the old city in Nablus

The streets of the old city in Nablus.

martyr posters nablus old city

Martyr posters in the old city i n Nablus.

Martyr posters in Nablus

More martyr posters.

Closed Olive Oil plant

An olive oil plant that has been bombed out and closed down.

Children with toy guns in Nablus

Children with toy guns in Nablus.

Palestinian children

Palestinian youth in Nablus.

med clinic old city nablus

A child walking past a medical clinic in the old city of Nablus.


Spices at the market in Nablus

Spices for sale at the market.


Roasting and preparing nuts to be sold.

Greek Orthodox St Photina Church at Bir Ya qub Jacobs Well

The Greek Orthodox St Photina Church at Bir Ya qub, or Jacobs Well.

Inside the Greek Orthodox St. Photina Church at Bir Ya'qub Jacobs Well

Inside  St Photina Church at Jacobs Well.

At the Greek Orthodox Church at Bir Ya'qub Nablus

Outside St. Photina’s Church.
Jacobs Well
Jesus drinks at Jacob’s Well.

Nablus at night

Nablus at night.


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