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Eating in Guangxi China

Some specialties of Guangxi Province

China is a foodie’s utopia—the regional diversity of offerings is outstanding. Although it can’t compete with the powerhouse food regions like Sichuan, Beijing, or Guangdong, Guangxi Province still had some interesting food culture to investigate.

Guangxi Province is located in southern China, west of Hong Kong and Macau. It’s most famous for the limestone mountains around Guilin and Yangshuo. After a long day of cycling around Yangshuo or rafting down the Li River, we explored the culinary scene of Guangxi.

Guilin rice noodles are a favorite for breakfast. In addition to the broth and meat, different condiments like soy beans, fermented green beans, chopped spring onions, cabbage, radish, and chili are piled on top.

Snails are another specialty. We ate them stuffed with a pork, ginger and other-herbs blend.

Beer fish and beer duck are two specialties of Yangshuo, both prepared with local ingredients. Watch a video of a local chef preparing beer fish.

Due to the favorable climate, fruits are also popular in Guangxi: mandarin oranges, kumquats, persimmons, and the Shatin grapefruit. We also saw Gingko seeds for sale.

It’s also not unusual to see live animals outside of restaurants in Guangxi Province: chickens, pheasants fish, turtles, clams, and many others.

Now watch the video:

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