Funny signs in China

By Stephen Bugno

No, this restroom is not for the mailman. It’s for those men out there that happen to be male.


Spend any amount of time in China and you’ll start noticing ridiculous signs like these. Usually it’s the English translations that make that it so odd or even unintelligible.

protecting circumstance

I’m not sure why we’re protecting CircumStance or why that should begin with me.
cafe rules

Chinese people are so obsessed with playing cards, that signs need to be put up in cafes.
christmas in china

This photo was taken on April 15th. Try to find what’s out of place.


recycled and organism

Please people. Separate your rubbish. Recycled on one side, organisms on the other.

eating out

All around the ancient town of Lijiang, signs are reminding us how civilized people behave. For example, civilized people walk their bicycles through the old city. And of course, eating out should keep civilized behavior.

china sign

This one’s actually quite progressive thinking, and advice we should heed in every city and town. Makes sense–if we take care of our environment, it will take care of us. The sign’s literal translation just makes me smile.

dog on menu in china

OK, you’re right. Eating cute dogs is not even remotely funny. But this picture was outside a restaurant in Yunnan Province.

water closet

In case you forgot what WC stood for, here is a reminder.


It is definitely not cool to scare or verbally harass Panda Bears, and I like how this sign tells us that.

fireworks no alowed

Right. Getting the Chinese to stop lighting firecrackers is like asking Panda Bears to stop eating bamboo.

dont jump overboard

Excellent advice.

until i forget

Just thought I would leave you with this beautifully written whatever it is.

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9 thoughts on “Funny signs in China”

  1. I love all the signs around Asia, especially China is very good with them. I think my favorite is the one about “Man protect the green, the green does good to man”, very progressive indeed!

  2. Hahaha, I’ll place a bin in our office, labeled ” Separate your rubbish. Recycled on one side, organisms on the other.” 😀 My colleagues will be very amused. Thanks for the idea!

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