Photo of the Week: Colonial Streets of Barichara Colombia

barichara colombia

It seems nearly every street you walk down in Barichara Colombia is a picturesque one of fine cobbled stones and white-washed houses with views stretching to the countryside and mountains beyond. Barichara itself is a relaxed town, up in the hills. It’s one of the finest of Colombia’s colonial remnants.

Barichara and Guane can be visited together. Guane is a nearby village connected to Barichara by the centuries old Camino Real, a stone path which leads the walker through horse farms, small cattle ranches, and a few homesteads. Views of the mountains and canyon in the distance reveal themselves occasionally.

You won’t need to linger long in Guane, it is the smallest of villages. Back in Barichara, just walking the streets and soaking up the atmosphere and views is enough to do. There’s hardly any traffic. There are a few old churches to pop into along the way. When you get tired, stop for a coffee in one of the cafes.

Barichara very much reminded me of many of the villages in Spain that I’ve walked through on the Camino de Santiago. Barichara Colombia was founded in 1741 and should be included, along with Villa de Leiva, on any trip through Colombia. Colonial Towns are just one of the many Reasons to Visit Colombia.

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