rajasthan Camel safari

Rajasthan Camel Safari

In the old days, before the train and automobile arrived, Camel was the way people traveled in Rajasthan. Today, tourists can experience a similar way of traveling. Camel safaris can be organized in various places throughout Rajasthan, including Jaisalmer, in the northwest of India.

We left Jaisalmer at about 3pm, drove about 40 km, saddled up on the camels at 4:30, and were off for a two-hour jaunt through the desert. If you’re not used to riding a camel, which I suspect is most of us, beware that you may find it uncomfortable.

The Thar Desert scenery is nice and the safari on the whole is a respite from the hassle one receives from the touts back in Jaisalmer. The Camel Safari is touristy, but nevertheless a classic India travel experience.

At the end of our trek, we stopped at the sand dunes. While our camel drivers prepared our supper, we watched the sunset. After we finished, the stars came out. With minimal light pollution, the desert is an ideal place for stargazing.

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Be careful when choosing a camel safari outfit. Double check costs, what’s included, and the route taken. Camel safaris can last anywhere from 4 hours to several days. Ours included transportation to the desert, a two-hour camel ride, water, and dinner cooked over a fire by our camel drivers. It cost 800 rupees per person. Also check the route you’ll be taking. Some places, like Sam, are hugely popular and you’ll be sharing your sunset with plenty of others. Our safari was organized at the Hotel Renuka in Jaisalmer.

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  1. oh that looks like such iconic fun/adventure. Though I heard camels are not the most comfortable means of transport

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