Dragon Bridge of Ljubljana

Photo of the Week: Dragon Bridge of Ljubljana

Dragon Bridge of Ljubljana

Dragon bridge of Ljubljana. Ljubljana, Slovenia, is one of those cities in one of those countries that you’re not likely to have on your first European trip itinerary. It’s more like one of those places that might be included in your 3rd, 4th, of 5th trip to Europe. Only the most discerning of travelers makes an effort to visit. And good for them. Ljubljana is a real treat and a lovely small city to visit for a couple days.

Ljubljana’s got all you need: a castle on top of a hill, a fine historic center with nice architecture, enough cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops to keep you happy, and a river running through it. One of the many bridges to cross the Ljubljanica River is Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge of Ljubljana was built at the beginning of the 20th century when the city was part of Austria-Hungary. The bridge is often regarded as the most beautiful produced by the Vienna Secession. Dragon Bridge of Ljubljana is adorned with four sheet-copper dragon statues that stand at each corner. The dragons have become a symbol of the city.

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If you have more time in Slovenia, be sure to visit Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and Piran.


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  1. I am lucky to have a distant relative who lives in a small village in Slovenia, so I visited the country back in 2005. Got to stay in his home and eat locally made sausage and cheese and sample his friends’ home brew. There were cherry trees, vegetables and bees in his backyard, and oh yeah, a crumbling castle too of course. Such a great place, definitely underrated.

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