Photo of the Week: Moldovan Churchyard in Chisinau

Photo of the Week: Moldovan Churchyard in Chisinau


Visiting Moldova has actually been one of my favorite experiences anywhere in Europe, and yet I seem to have been so busy hanging out with my Couchsurfing host and taking care of practical concerns that in the week I spent in Moldova I only took 30 photos!

This church in the capital, Chisinau, is in truth not anything particularly special. On the first day of winter snow, however, and on one of the few truly aimless walks I went on in the city looking for photos is stands out in my mind as a peaceful quiet place on the edge of the city that somehow encapsulates the beauty and untouristed feeling of the country.

None of this is true, of course. The church is off a main road just outside the city center, the snow was slippery and slushy and well on the way to being covered in a layer of black as melt mixed with mud. I would leave town a day later after making out with another man’s girlfriend in a secret underground metalhead bar. I even missed Transnistria, really the main reason I’d wanted to visit Moldova in the first place. Looking at this quiet little moment in this quiet little churchyard, though, all that is forgotten.

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