Make an adventure of your trip to the UK

So you’ve planned a visit to the UK. You’ve saved your dollars, enjoyed an Ambien

and wine to lull you to sleep on the flight, and your plane has landed. You are
ready to begin your UK adventure! Now the question stands: what to do?

The UK offers something for everyone, whether you are a fashion savvy shopper,
a theater lover, a food and drink aficionado, or an adventurous spirit. Yes,
this land of culture and class is a great destination for the outdoorsy and
adventurous traveller. Easily accessible by car, most of the rugged
destinations within the UK are within a short drive of an airport, so you can
begin your road trip to adventure as soon as you arrive.

Once you have gone online, you can check out DriveNow car hire at Heathrow Airport (or any other major UK airport) to compare car rental prices and book the perfect one for you.
After you’ve picked it up from the airport, do yourself a favour and head to
Chester for a motor safari. Your own rental car safely parked, you will embark
on your adventure on a 4×4 or quad bike, and may be provided with fabulous
overnight accommodation, depending on which adventure package you might choose.
If motorised bikes are not your thing or if you want something more
challenging, head to Wales to go mountain biking. Watching
the breathtaking views of the UK pass by you on your ride, this mountain biking
adventure will be sure to provide you with stories for years to come.

Do you feel like taking advantage of the water sports available to this island
nation? Drive to Devon and spend some time sailing – or “helping” others to
sail while you enjoy the salty spray of the sea on your face. If sailing feels
too relaxing, head up to Scotland to try your hand at sea kayaking. The tales
of the Loch Ness monster will surely spill out afterwards, over a few drinks at
the local pub. If wildlife is more your style, there are plenty of options for
you. Why not give horseback riding a try at any of a huge range of locations
throughout the UK?

Had a long week of horseback riding, kayaking, and bike riding? Seeking a more
relaxed way to see the country you are visiting? Why not explore the famous
Yorkshire villages by foot by going on a walking tour? Not only will you meet
lots of visitors eager to spend their afternoon hoofing it around the
picturesque village, you will also be able to bear witness to the idyllic
nature of this region yourself.

The options for adventure are seemingly endless in the UK. As long as you have
the freedom to get from place to place on your own, you will be treated to the
added bonus of enjoying the gorgeous countryside and cityscapes as you drive
from destination to destination. Whatever your taste in adventure, may your
visit to the UK change you for the better, and provide you with just the sort
of excitement you seek!

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