arctic coast norway

Photo of the Week: Arctic Coast Norway

arctic coast norway

Arctic Coast Norway


We were in Finnish Lapland at the time, enjoying our quiet riverside cottage along the Tenojoki river, while chasing the northern lights each night. It was mid-November. The Arctic Ocean was only a 90-minute drive away. Why not take a short road trip? We’ve done crazier things than drive to 70 degrees north latitude in the winter.

The wind was blowing and temperature was about freezing, but the real battle was with daylight. This time of year, we were about two weeks shy of the start of the Polar Night, when the sun refuses to come above the horizon. Now we we getting a couple hours of sun and indirect light before sunrise and after sunset.

The church is located in Nesseby, situated on a peninsula jutting out into Varangerfjord. The dry dock boat is along the road on the way to Nesseby from Varangerbotn. Visiting this region, travelers pass between Norway and Finland with ease. There is much for travelers to do in all seasons in this area considering its great natural and cultural wealth. Salmon fishing and other outdoor activities dominate the summer months, while viewing the northern lights, dog sled mushing, snowshoeing, skiing, and exploring the Sami culture are all pursued in winter.


arctic coast norway


arctic coast norway

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  1. Thank you for your fine photos of the bleak northern lands. I’ve always want to explore the Baltic and further North areas of the Earth. Must be due to some Norwegian DNA floating around in me. Have been very lax with my website but hope to engage again when I return to Italia in early 2016.

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