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Solo Cycling trip around the Baltic Sea

In the summer of 2015, Jennifer Tough cycled from Copenhagen to Copenhagen, a complete 3800km circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea, solo and unsupported, in just 35 days.

The trip started with freezing nights camping in deep forests of the Nordic countries, then transitioned to terrifying and at times goofy Russian traffic, then she explored the ex-Soviet Baltic nations, slept on stunning white-sand beaches in Poland, and finally pushed hard on exhausted legs through Germany and Denmark to arrive back in Copenhagen within hours of her designated cut-off time.

Her film is her first attempt at filming her adventures, and was entirely self-shot and edited on a single GoPro. By making this film, Jennifer is encouraging women (and everyone else!) to get on their bikes and go find an adventure.

A full Baltic circumnavigation:

3802 kilometers (2,363 miles)

9.5 languages

6 saunas

13 ferries

49 gas station coffees

1 million misquito bites (approx.)

4 flats

34 sunsets

1 Sherpa

See what adventure Jennifer is up to next. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jennytough and on her website:

Cycling trip around the Baltic Sea

Cycling trip around the Baltic Sea

Cycling trip around the Baltic Sea

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