Molyvos Harbor of Lesvos, Greece

When I arrive, Theofilos tells me Molyvos is a five-star town. It won’t take me long to see what he’s talking about. The old town here is capped with a Byzantine-era castle and the lower town has some nice harbor-front restaurants, sweeping views of the coast, and really friendly residents. The relaxed town is fashioned the “tourist capital of Lesvos” but even in mid-May there are hardly any tourists around. “Authentic lifestyle” comes to mind more easily than “touristy”.

Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, but it’s especially fresh and well-prepared on the island of Lesvos. On my first night, I went out for sardines, fresh salad, dolmadaki, and sauteed vegetables at the harbor of old Molivos. My new friends at the Sea Horse Restaurant had fried cod and plenty of ouzo. They were amazed that I had never eaten fresh sardines. I tried to explain that where I come from, Sardines come in a tin. They get a crate of fish every evening from the local fishermen.

molyvos harbor

Molyvos sits on the northern part of the island of Lesvos, in the North Aegean Sea of Greece, just across from Turkey. The town only has a population of about 1,400, but its charm makes it one of the most popular destinations on Lesvos. Of course, the ancient fortress on the hill and preserved traditional architecture of the town helps. So do its atmospheric winding streets, unobstructed sea-ward views, and excellent selection restaurants and bars.

Today Molyvos is known as Mithymna, but before 1919, its official name was Molyvos, a name which dates back to the end of the Byzantine Era. However, Molyvos is still in commonly used today. The town is a great place to base yourself while visiting Lesvos, especially while exploring the north. In its vicinity are nice hiking paths, cycling routes, hot springs, several beaches, and mountain-side villages to discover. Lesvos is a perfect place for an active holiday or a place to just stay in one spot and relax. If you choose Molyvos, you won’t tire of enjoying its beautiful old town and Molyvos Harbor.

molyvos harbor