best coffee in bucharest

Where to find the Best Coffee in Bucharest Romania

Best Coffee in Bucharest Romania

With this guide, the best coffee in Bucharest is easy to find…The coffee scene of Bucharest, Romania may surprise you. A number of top-quality coffee specialists have sprung up in the past few years. The scene is so good that a Romanian barista I talked to was actually disappointed by the coffee culture in Berlin, where he’s been upping the quality of Berlin’s brews for the past few months. Although I’m a reformed caffeine junkie, I do partake in a good coffee now and again when the occasion calls for it. I just don’t overdo it like I used to. I save my caffeine intake for only the coffee that’s worth it.

I had the opportunity to live in Bucharest as a digital nomad for a month after researching stops on our small group tour to Transylvania.  It was my third time back to Romania.

Here’s where to find the best coffee in Bucharest :

best coffee in bucharest


M60 probably has the best vibe of the bunch. They go beyond coffee and procure other hot beverages as well as meals. The cafe is perpetually buzzing and is great for lunch, a glass of wine in the evening, a work meeting, a cup of coffee with friends, or solo session with your laptop. It’s got sleek Nordic design and is cozy on a cold winter’s day.

Location: Strada D. I. Mendeleev 2, București 030167, Romania  Web:  M60

best coffee in bucharest


Steam is small and stylish. There are two branches in Bucharest and they both brew great coffee. Add the trendy minimalist interior and you can’t beat this place.

Location: Strada Uruguay 22, București, Romania  Web: Steam Cofee Shop

best coffee in bucharest

Bandit Specialty Coffee

Bandit takes their coffee seriously – maybe even too seriously. I was in the mood for a long black, but they wouldn’t do it (and don’t even think about asking for an Americano). But the barista was patient enough to explain the different bean choices to me so I could choose one to my liking. You see, adding hot water ruins the flavor profile of the coffee, he explained. I guess I’ve been ruining the flavor of my coffee for a decade now. Anyhow, check out Bandit for a great espresso.

Location: Strada George Vraca 7, București 010146, Romania

origo coffee


Origo is the best of the bunch in terms of coffee quality. I’m not a fan of high acidity, and the barista recommended a Colombian bean that would suit my taste. And while I did detect a little acidity in the front end, it really mellowed completely at the back of my palate. Origo’s interior is small so they ask you not to use a laptop here. Save Origo for a morning chat with a good friend. The baristas here are cheerful and they do a good job of moving through orders quickly when the line becomes long. But be patient, it’s worth the wait. Especially if you’re craving the long black.

Location: Strada Lipscani 9, București 050971, Romania  Web: Origo Coffee

best coffee in bucharest


Tucano is a local chain that I’m sure most nouveau coffee snobs would turn their beak up at. But actually, their coffee isn’t bad. I’m including Tucano among these boutique coffee roasters because it’s the best place to linger with your laptop for hours on end. Also, you don’t have to feel ashamed for ordering an Americano here. (And you could even put milk and sugar in your coffee without getting looks.) At Tucano, find a cozy spot to hide away in a corner and get lost in your work. The Wi-Fi is fast and reliable. And they have other snacks and drinks when you come down off your caffeine high.

Locations (several around Bucharest, but this is nicest): Calea Dorobanților 18, București 010572, Romania  Web: Tucano Coffee

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  1. This should be called “Where to get an americano and do some work in Bucharest”. Instead of offering a list of cafes where to get good coffee and explain what each place is most suited for, it sound like the author is complaining. His purpose is to work in a cafe so the observations are all subject to That purpose, NOT to get a quality coffee. Clearly the author does not have the target reader in mind at all, only himself. This is best suited for a blog or with a completely different approach.

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