The 5 Most Forgotten Items for a Motorhome Trip

We’ve all been there. We’re on the road, cruising towards our destination when that familiar sense of dread looms over us… what did we forget this time? Perhaps a toothbrush, or toothpaste. Perhaps something more serious, our passport or keys! Whatever the item is, it becomes a hassle. And so, to help you achieve a hassle-free holiday on your first motorhome trip, check out these 5 most forgotten items.

5 Most Forgotten Items for a Motorhome Trip

Warm Clothing

This one usually occurs in summer, but even in fall or winter, we never seem to bring quite enough warm clothing. If you’re camping, it is highly likely you’re looking at some chillier evenings. A campfire or electric heater can help, but don’t risk feeling cold and miserable. No one is a happy camper when they’re shivering! However many sweaters you plan to pack, pack an extra. Honestly, just do it. Bring some fluffy socks or bedroom slippers, and an extra scarf. One of the best features of a motorhome is the space for packing, so utilize this!


You’ve managed to remember your various chargers – awesome! But don’t forget everything that comes with that. Will you be traveling to a country with different sockets? Bring a universal adapter, you will not regret it. I always pack an extension cord as well, and you’d be surprised at how often it ends up being used. I never leave without a power bank, so that I can always have a charged phone for emergencies – you never know when the most beautiful sunset will need to be photographed!


Always prepare for a rainy day, or even for a calm evening. You never know when a conversation will dwindle, or you’ll just get in the mood for a good game! Bring a pack of cards, it takes up no space but can keep you entertained for hours. It’s also great to pack a few board games or a good puzzle.

Kitchen Utensils

The first time I went away in a motorhome, I thought I was really slick. I had a gorgeous bottle of red wine to enjoy with my partner and even packed two wine glasses to keep it classy. And then? Then I went to open this lovely bottle of wine, only to realize that I did not have a corkscrew and thus no ability to open my bottle. Luckily, the third camper I went over to, provided me with his swiss army knife, complete with a corkscrew. 

These seem to be the most commonly forgotten kitchen utensils:

  • Corkscrew
  • Bottle openers
  • Tin openers
  • Cutting boards
  • Teaspoons
  • Spatula

Pack these, and let your inner Nigella Lawson join you on this rural adventure.


So commonly forgotten, but so sorely missed! Spice up your life and your meals by bringing sufficient spices. To avoid crowding the space, take salt, pepper, and your favorite three spices. It can also help to plan your meals in advance, to ensure you bring the correct ones.

With these 5 items safely secured in your motorhome, you’re assured a good time! Campervan hire is a great way to explore a new area and test out #vanlife for yourself, so start searching, start packing and let the adventure begin!

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