Yachting In The French Riviera: A Gorgeous Getaway

Yachting is one of the most dynamic ways to spend a holiday. With the flexibility of enjoying yourself both on the water and docking at new destinations every day, it is a great way to explore new territory. There is a good reason why many of the world’s celebrities and business elite spend their vacations yachting, especially in the French Riviera.

The French Riviera is one of the best places for international yachting enthusiasts. With catamarans for sale and yachts for rent, there are many opportunities to find the right yacht for you while exploring everything the area has to offer. If you are planning a yachting adventure in the near future, then you need to seriously consider the French Riviera as your destination of choice.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why the French Riviera is such a great place to get out on the water in a yacht.

Mediterranean Waters

The scenery of the French Riviera makes it one of the most unique and diverse places to explore. Filled with beautiful oceanside resorts and hotels, you are sure to find solace along the coast in any number of stops from Cannes to St. Tropez. The favourable Mediterranean climate makes it one of the best places to enjoy time outdoors and in the sunshine especially in the summer. In fact, there are over three hundred days of sunshine in the area every year which makes it a great place to visit any time.

Opportunities For Relaxation

With virtually every luxurious activity and event on offer in the French Riviera, you will truly be able to find something to please everyone. The region hosts thousands of restaurants and over a dozen golf courses for those who want to spend some quality time on land.

If you are seeking to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event, then be sure to explore Nice’s Carnival in February or the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco in May. The well-known Cannes Film Festival also takes place each year in May. These are sure to suit the diverse needs of any group of travellers.

For those who want to take it easy and simply relax in splendour, then you can be confident that there are dozens of sandy beaches throughout the region. With a fresh Mediterranean breeze flowing through the air, you are sure to find the solace you seek.

Yachting Paradise

The French Riviera is already home to many of the world’s yacht and superyacht enthusiasts. Most of the world’s yachts will find their way to the French Riviera at one point in their lifetime. With famous yacht shows like the Monaco Yacht Show, you can enjoy exploring the latest in yachting technology.

Make A Stop In Monaco

While Monaco is technically an independent state, it is located in the heart of the French Riviera. If you plan on taking your yacht to the area, then you will be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Check out the lavish shopping streets as well as the many Michelin-star restaurants throughout Monaco.

As the home to the famous Monte Carlo Casino, you can be sure that your evenings will be packed with entertainment. You might even be able to spot a few celebrities if you keep your eyes open.

Explore The Riviera

It is no secret that the French Riviera is one of the premier destinations for yacht enthusiasts. Make sure to include this area on your next yachting itinerary for a guaranteed experience of a lifetime. The area is a tourist mecca, so be sure to plan the things that you want to do before you leave home.

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