Made in Korea – stunning video from the Land of the Morning Calm

Journey with filmmaker Daniel Kemeys as he visits Korea for the first time with his girlfriend who is returning home to visit family. See more of Daniel’s films on Vimeo, and follow him on Instagram @kemeys and Twitter @danielkemeys

Made in Korea from Daniel Kemeys on Vimeo.

Once a year, my girlfriend, Hana, goes home to Jeju Island in South Korea to visit her family for Christmas. I went along with my camera.

I knew I wanted to document our trip for the entire duration, for my friends and family members who will never go to that side of the world.

travel video South Korea

Journey with us through the heart of South Korea, as we visit the bustling city of Seoul and travel around Jeju Island, known for women, wind, volcanic rocks, and serene temples tucked away inside mountains. But most importantly, as we see Hana reunited with her parents whom I was meeting for the very first time.

Traveling around Korea was not what I expected. Among the bright lights and bustling cities lie some of the most serene and calming places I’ve ever witnessed.

Waterfalls and temples hidden in the folds of mountains, streams and rivers flowing throughout. Every path or bridge seemed to lead somewhere more breathtaking. 

We’d be seeing a lot of Jeju over the next few weeks. I was a little anxious, at first, when I knew we were spending three weeks on Jeju. I did my research and I knew that the island was going to be the quieter part of our trip. But actually it was more enjoyable than anywhere else we went. Everywhere on Jeju was so relaxing, nobody was in a hurry, and it was a really well-received change of pace from Seoul. I could’ve easily spent another month there.

Jeju Island is a unique place

Hana’s mum tried to explain to me why this island has so much character and why the island people have such a strong work ethic. Back in the day when times were more difficult, most of the men fought in the war or went out to sea to catch fish for the household. That meant that the women were left to raise their families and fend for themselves on the island. It was the island women who held the family together, which is why Jeju is known for three things: women, wind, and volcanic rocks.

In the end, I really liked South Korea. Every corner I turned was filled with character and personality. I hope I did the beauty of this country justice with my snippet of South Korea in this 14-minute film.

Just make sure you watch until the end because the build-up to the end is what made this journey so special. 

Equipment used on this trip:

Sony a7rii + 24-70 f/2.8 G Master & 58mm Helios 44M F2

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Ronin S

About the Author: Filmmaker/Photographer Daniel Kemeys is a Compositor at Industrial Light & Magic in London.

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