Motorhome Destinations in Greece

Top 5 Motorhome Destinations in Greece

Traveling by motorhome is a special experience because you don’t have to book anything at all. Those of us who have taken even one motorhome trip are true that we wouldn’t trade this way of traveling with any other way of traveling. It’s a way of life that once you learn it, you don’t change it. You wake up in the morning and drive to wherever you want to go, without the pressure of hotel bookings, plane delays. All you have to do is to have your motorhome prepared so that you don’t miss anything on the trip and of course, choose the ideal destination.

Greece has literally countless options for motorhome travel, for all seasons, most often combining natural beauty and sightseeing with activities and local flavors.

Let’s take a look at 5 destinations that are ideal for motorhome travel in Greece.

Top Motorhome Destinations in Greece

Round of Peloponnese

Motorhome Destinations in Greece

The Peloponnese is a unique destination in its own right, combining awesome mountain landscapes and magnificent seas. What’s worth doing, however, by motorhome is to drive around the Peloponnese. Starting from the north and east side, beautiful Nafplio offers plenty of space for motorhome parking in the city, and easy access to the center to visit the sights.

Continuing along the coast, Monemvasia is a must-stop with its imposing castle. Parking may prove to be a problem if you go on a crowded day but there is plenty of space to park and visit the castle. Next stop is Elafonisos, a small island 10 minutes across the Peloponnese with magnificent beaches, one of the best in Europe according to Trip Advisor. Pylos (pictured in the photo) also, at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese, is an excellent choice for a stop and a swim in the sea, with the motorhome coming right up to the front of the beach.

If, however, you’re not… a big fan of this style of travel, try booking a campground or hotel in the Peloponnese in advance.

Acheron Springs

There is no greater advantage of traveling in a motorhome than sleeping in nature (that is, where it is allowed and legal). Well maybe the fact that you can have your bbq with you and grill whenever you want might be better but you get the point. Well, the Acheron Springs are, as I see it, the best option you have for becoming one with nature. I mean literally. They are located in the western part of the country, about an hour from Ioannina, and are the ultimate spot for peace and relaxation.

The motorhome reaches up to a few meters from the river as there is a parking area and you can do various activities, from rafting, and canoeing to horseback riding. Especially in the summer months with very hot weather, take a dip in the lush green waters of the river. DISCLAIMER: the water is shockingly cold (3-5 degrees Celsius), go in slowly so you don’t get screwed like the columnist.

Find accommodation in the Acheron area here.

Plastiras Lake

Motorhome Destinations in Greece

Another magnificent landscape in nature that, if you are traveling by motorhome or if you plan to do so and come to Greece, you should visit. The artificial lake Plastiras is located right in the center of Greece and is an ideal destination for all seasons. The route around the lake offers beautiful views. Starting from the village of Kalyvia Pezoula, which is located in the center of the lake and has plenty of space to park your motorhome, you can walk along the side of the lake, enjoy your coffee, or choose one of the many activities the lake has to offer (lake biking, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing on the lake).

If you choose this destination in your motorhome, you have the option to taste great local wines and food and sleep lakeside, waking up in the morning with a unique view of the lake waters. It goes without saying that you can swim in the lake if the weather is warm, and in winter you can have a hot chocolate by the frozen lake!


Motorhome Destinations in Greece

Awe-inspiring rocks. Monasteries perched on the edges of the rocks, giving you the feeling that they are floating. Meteora is a must-see destination if you find yourself in central Greece. In fact, if you visit the area in a motorhome, you can drive up to the point just outside the visiting monasteries and enjoy a unique experience with outstanding views. There are six thriving and newly renovated monasteries that you can visit and browse the spectacular breathtaking views.

For the more adventurous there is the option to try rock climbing with a plethora of routes while for the less athletic there is always the option of the fantastic tavernas in Kalambaka, a town of around 12,000 inhabitants, located just below the cliffs of Meteora. For those who want to spend days in the area and explore it, there is the “Campsite Vrachos Kastraki” campsite about 10 minutes from Meteora.

Those who don’t want to make the motorhome trip but want to visit the magnificent Meteora can find a hotel here.


Motorhome Destinations in Greece

The closest you can get to an island on the mainland. If I just showed you the picture of Parga without telling you that it’s in mainland Greece, I’m sure 8 out of 10 would say it’s a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. And yet, Parga, and the entire Ionian coastline with its beaches, is reminiscent of a Greek island and is a unique summer destination for a motorhome if you want to wake up in the morning and within 100 steps end up at the sea. Parga has clear turquoise waters and combines in the landscape and the mountains, with green hills surrounding it. You can arrive by motorhome and park in front of the sea, enjoying your coffee, tsipouro, or food where the waves crash.

The city’s alleys and beach bars give you that island feeling, while the historic castle of Parga stands on the edge of town, available for anyone who wants to visit. The excellent beaches along this coastline are countless but if I had to recommend two to visit in your motorhome these would be Arillas and Karavostasi, two small settlements north of Parga with fantastic beaches and motorhome infrastructure.

Find here options for accommodation in Parga if motorhome travel is not your style.

The Best Motorhome Destinations in Greece

The destinations you can visit in Greece with your motorhome are really too many, with each one offering something special. Even if you have visited any of the above destinations, a trip again but this time with a motorhome will make you see the destination in a completely different way. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fit too much together, especially if your time is limited. Try to spend time on specific options and enjoy your trip. Because in motorhome travel the saying “it’s the journey not the destination that matters” is very true. I would modify it only slightly by saying “The journey matters too, not just the destination”.

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