One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

How to Spend One Day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan and found this article by accident, welcome, stay until the end of the article and you won’t be disappointed. If, again, you’re not a fan of the series and don’t know why I mentioned it, enjoy the rest of the article and you’ll understand the connection. Disclaimer: the author is not a fan of GOT either but had a great day in Dubrovnik. So, without wasting any time, let’s see how to spend one day in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

What to do in One Day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The first thing to mention before we start our day trip to Dubrovnik is that it is no coincidence that the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The outstanding medieval architecture of Dubrovnik’s old town and its legendary castles are enough to justify its inclusion on UNESCO’s list.

Morning tour of Dubrovnik

The first thing to do when starting your day is to eat a good breakfast before you start exploring the old town. I’d suggest either sitting down at a great restaurant with a view of the heart of the old town, such as Dubravka 1836 Restaurant and Café, or picking up a local Burek in hand and strolling through the alleys of the old town.

Whichever of the above options you choose, the first thing to do is to enter the old town through one of the three entrances and walk along the city walls. They are almost 2 kilometers in total length and will take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to do the entire tour, with the views from every point of the walls rewarding you for any fatigue.

One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia
One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

If the route tires you out, it means it’s time for some rest in an old town café. There are countless options to enjoy your coffee, juice, or cold beer before moving on, with Bura Bistro Wine & Cocktails being an ideal choice in the center of the old town.

Walk around the alleys

Once you have recovered energy, the next thing to do before lunch is to walk around the countless alleys within the walls of Dubrovnik and tour the churches or old mansions hidden in several neighborhoods of the city. For Game of Thrones fans, this is the part of the day they will love the most. In addition to being able to tour and walk around the places where the popular series was filmed, there are dozens of shops with officially licensed products of the series and there is, of course, a Game of Thrones tour to enjoy. Many of the locations of scenes from the series are easily recognizable to true fans and it’s hard for them to imagine them without the stunning graphics that made them famous.

One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia
One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

And now we come to the dilemma that preoccupied the writer more than any other: to sit in a restaurant for lunch at noon and continue after the tour of the city, with the risk of getting sleepy, or to take something to snack on and continue the walk to eat once and for all only in the evening? If he did the former, he’d go for lunch at Gradska Kavana Arsenal, the perfect spot to enjoy Croatian food overlooking the sea. What I do suggest, however, if you have a day to get around Dubrovnik is to grab something on hand, like a great slice of pizza or a juicy burger from TuttoBene Fast Food in the old town, and move on, whetting your… appetite for the restaurant in the evening.

Afternoon stunning view

After spending your afternoon, depending on the time of year you are in Dubrovnik, there is the option to go swimming just a few kilometers from the old town, at Banje Beach. The other option that you have and is ideal for sunset time in Dubrovnik is to ride the cable car up to Mount Srd for a stunning view. Be sure to arrive before sunset to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the Dalmatian coast. Of course, you can enjoy an afternoon coffee or an aperitif at the Panorama Restaurant with the whole view… at your feet!

One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

Evening lunch

After a long day in the city, it’s time for the best part of the day (at least for the columnist, this is always the best part of the day): lunchtime! If you opted to grab a quick bite to eat at lunch to continue your day strolling around the city, it’s time to reward your efforts with a good plate of food with a beautiful view. If, again, you ate lunch but still feel hungry, then you have the option of enjoying the Mediterranean flavors of Poklisar Restaurant, with a glass of wine and Dubrovnik’s evening lights creating a unique atmosphere.

A piece of advice

This is just one suggestion on how to spend your day in Dubrovnik. You can customize your schedule to suit you best, depending on the time you can spend and the time of year you visit. A word of advice, for closing, is to avoid visiting Dubrovnik in the summer months to avoid the crowdedness, and if you are there in the summer, a good way to avoid as many crowds as possible is to visit the sights early in the morning.

If you prefer to spend the night, Find countless options here for accommodation in Dubrovnik!

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